Translation of brewery in Spanish:


fábrica de cerveza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbruːəri//ˈbru(ə)ri/

nounPlural breweries

  • 1

    fábrica de cerveza feminine
    cervecera feminine
    • The brewery currently produces about 20,000 litres of beer a year in 2,000 litre batches.
    • Contemporary fine dining restaurants and specialty beer breweries have several points in common.
    • The town boasted three flour mills, a bakery, a tannery, several breweries, shops and rows and rows of little cottages.
    • Benin City is a conglomeration of villages with a hub of government offices and a periphery of breweries and factories.
    • Part of the fun is that the companies you buy shares in are breweries and beer gardens.
    • You say there's an advantage in having either a bakery or a brewery onsite.
    • Of all these purchased drinks, beer is significantly the cheapest, as there is a brewery on Saint Kitts.
    • Actually, if the brewmaster sent that beer out of the brewery, he thought it was done.
    • They included Guinness, and also a range of ales or lagers produced by smaller breweries.
    • Beer is commonly consumed and a local brewery has been established.
    • In St. Louis, the Hyde Park brewery airs the first beer commercial on television.
    • When researching beer, why not go to the local brewery and partake of the tour.
    • He said distilleries and breweries should forget about price hikes.
    • That being said, they are still far more enjoyable than going on a beer brewery tour.
    • Ron used to organise the beer from the local brewery in sugar sacks that held 4 dozen big bottles of beer.
    • It has a coffee-processing plant and a brewery that manufactures beer from bananas.
    • Competition entries came from 466 breweries, with beers judged in 69 different categories.
    • He diversified into manufacturing, setting up a brewery and a rope factory in St Petersburg in the 1790s.
    • While the major breweries dominated the beer market, imported brands and local microbreweries also flourished.
    • It's beer, from the breweries on the edge of town, wafting through the city air.