Translation of brick in Spanish:


ladrillo, n.

Pronunciation /brɪk//brɪk/


  • 1

    • 1.1Building

      ladrillo masculine
      made of brick (hecho) de ladrillo
      • before noun a brick wall/house una pared/una casa de ladrillo
      • It looked as if it had been dug and then lined with bricks of clay.
      • Newer houses have walls made of adobe blocks or bricks, with roofs of corrugated zinc or cement.
      • Ivy will not harm fired clay bricks, nor will it cause mortar to crumble unless the mortar is already unsound.
      • In the town square, autumn sun softens the old stone and brick buildings.
      • Wall materials such as stucco, cement, brick, plaster, stone, and block are most resistant to high temperatures.
      • The apartments are laid out in two three-storey buildings with rustic brick elevations and mansard type roofs.
      • Thick smooth bricks suggested a building of some sort.
      • Other massive materials, such as brick and stone, also store the sun's heat and add mass to a building's interior.
      • Mud and wattle or sun-dried bricks are used in house building in rural areas; well-off families may use concrete blocks.
      • For brick, concrete and cinder block, only latex should be used.
      • Brick saws can be used to cut bricks, pavers, stones, large quarry tiles and other masonry.
      • It was a nice road with old brick and stone buildings with cobblestone roads and sidewalks.
      • A small fire rose in the brick fire place, growing stronger and hotter.
      • It is fitted with a brick fireplace with gas fire inset and has views over the side gardens.
      • The primary building material was large adobe brick, and huge pyramids towered above the city.
      • This restraining edge is necessary because mortarless bricks tend to shift at the edges.
      • Present-day government buildings are often old brick edifices left over from the Soviet period.
      • He mixed the sand with clay to form bricks, which were then heated to high temperatures.
      • It sat as an empty shell from 1965 to 1978, a vacant, desolate, boarded up old brick building.
      • While it dates back to 1879, there's no quaint Main Street lined with old brick buildings.
      • The production cost was higher than that of clay bricks.
      • It was a building of stone and brick with no tell-tale signs of any real life, however, inside there was.
      • Common building materials are concrete blocks and bricks.
      • Use paving bricks or blocks around the edge to prevent the dog from injuring itself on the edge of the chicken wire.
      • It is one of the few remaining brick and stucco depot buildings remaining in south Alabama.
      • Storage of solar heat occurs in a dense mass materials like concrete, brick and water.
      • We all need some knowledge of the bricks before we start building.
      • Clay walls may be molded by hand or with wooden forms; it may be preformed into bricks and sun-dried.
      • Most buildings are made of bricks and concrete, while others are made of adobe-style mud.
      • In Guinea, most new small buildings are made of badly fired bricks, and have corrugated metal roofs.
      • Cracked mortar between bricks should also be repointed by carefully removing and replacing any unsound mortar.
      • Woodlawn is brick, a building material rarely used in early nineteenth-century Maine where lumber was so plentiful.
      • They were walking toward a short small building made of a type of brick looking material.
      • The Doyle Hall was a modern five-story brick building, with balconies.
      • Later, baked clay bricks were used for walling.
      • Preferred materials are stone and adobe brick fortified by heavy timbers.
      • As growth continued, substantial brick and stone buildings replaced frontier tents and shanties.
      • It was the only building with glaringly bright light shining though the spaces between the bricks of the building.
      • First, be sure to take into account the fixed colors of your home - brick, stone work and the roof color.
      • Missing parts were not imitated but added in a modern way, often using the rubble bricks of destroyed buildings.

    • 1.2(toy)

      cubo masculine
      • She had been carefully constructing a building using a selection of wooden bricks of various shapes.
      • We hadn't come 5,000 miles to a land of forests to spend our time pining for theme parks made out of little plastic bricks.
      • He aimed to make plastic bricks, but in a jumbo size suitable for very young children.
      • Thanks to his wooden toy bricks, he had mastered ‘the laws of practical stability in towers and arches’.
      • They're designed to fit together in a stack, just like the famous Danish plastic bricks.

    • 1.3British (of ice cream)

      barra feminine
      • He brings her a mug of coffee with a brick of imported truffle chocolate floating in the middle.
      • Meat loaf, once a loathed, dry brick of protein, now enjoys more respect, if only for its retro-cool quotient.
      • But is there a cure to melt the whole of this brick of ice within me?
      • She remembered selling him a brick of hash out of the broken down toilet stall.
      • How many people would feel worse off if someone threw a brick of gold through their front window?
      • Rather, a brick of five or seven cartridges are collectively shrink-wrapped together.
      • Sure, he was cool when he sported that brick of a cell phone while strolling on the beach.
      • The large golden bricks were more than twice her size and she looked up at them and smiled.
      • I was enjoying the moment of drowsy bliss before reality hit me like a brick of lead.
      • I attempted to respond, but it was if I was encased in a brick of glass.
      • None of us came from the womb clutching a bottle of Cab and a big brick of English cheddar.
      • Get a brick of white, scent-free glycerin soap from the craft store.
      • After six quick moves with the knife, he is left with a brick of potato.
      • I went to the open wall-safe and liberated its contents: to wit, several stout bricks of high-denomination Pound notes.
      • I sigh and walk back to the benches, where Steven had laid down his brick of a book.
      • He snapped the cylinder into his curved brick of a weapon, stepped back and let the fireworks chatter.
      • Think of a beautiful counter with nothing to chop on it, except a brick of ice.
      • A shipment of coffee mugs should include a single-pot brick of coffee.
      • After the 90 minutes, place a brick of dough between two sheets of wax paper.
      • The tuna in question is a brick of sushi-grade bluefin toro, seared on one side only.

  • 2British informal, dated

    (reliable person)
    persona de confianza feminine
    • James was a brick, he helped anyway he could and managed to get me the tablets and stuff I needed.
    • He's a brick, a chip off the old block, a good 'un.
    • Mr. Hall is such a brick, that when we get back he is going to take us all in.
    • Large, jolly and boisterous, Carol is regarded as something of a brick, and there are sound reasons for the affection she commands.
    • She really is a brick.

transitive verb


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    lanzar ladrillos contra
    lanzar ladrillos a