Translation of brilliance in Spanish:


resplandor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪlj(ə)ns//ˈbrɪljəns/


  • 1

    resplandor masculine
    fulgor masculine
    the diamond's brilliance el resplandor del brillante
    • The blue light flashed its brilliance once more, and the library faded back in existence around them.
    • Closer to the moon, the numbers of the stars dwindled for the brilliance of the light from the moon overrode it.
    • Every now and then, there emerges a star, which, by its sheer brilliance, throws light far from where it originated.
    • Mia cried out in surprise of the brilliance of the light while the vampire hissed fiercely.
    • Not a cloud was in sight and the stars shone with brilliance.
    • The sheer brilliance of the light makes it difficult to judge the tones of the outdoor scenes he has painted.
    • The brilliance of exploding stars flares across our room.
    • It seemed almost a torch of brilliance, a flaring star in the night sky.
    • In truth, space is a very bright place with incalculable flashes of brilliance filling trillions upon trillions of light years.
    • It is as if all my cells respond to their brilliance and become light too.
    • The rounded flakes, with less surface area to reflect light, lose brilliance.
    • Stars popped into brilliance with cap-gun like cracks, making me think of exploding light bulbs.
    • But I couldn't see anything - just a bright brilliance.
    • The sun caught a piece of quartz in the granite and lit the brilliance embedded there.
    • The sky was clear, the sky velvet black, the stars hard in their brilliance.
    • As the morning sun shined brightly the sea reflected it's brilliance, sparkling in every direction.
    • Additionally, the crystal was intensifying the light from her flashlight, and the resulting brilliance was near-blinding.
    • They continued to grow in size and brilliance until the lights of the bay area filled the windows around him.
    • She saw the ripples in the water flowing towards that light, towards the brilliance in the dark.
    • The forest let light in with such brilliance and beauty it was breathtaking.
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    (skill, intelligence)
    brillantez feminine
    • Incandescence by the way means a high degree of emotion, intensity and brilliance.
    • This is a trait far rarer than brilliance and wit.
    • Where did the ambition and intellectual brilliance come from?
    • The dialogue is pitch-perfect, the acting a model of understated brilliance.
    • During a long job interview process, consistency counts much more than flashes of brilliance.
    • Beyond all that, he has an extraordinary sense of brilliance in shaping the film.
    • But there is a sort of understated, brilliance to this funk track, more easily appreciated after several listenings.
    • That a thirteen-year-old could play Beethoven with such accuracy and brilliance astonished the senses!
    • However the Clan has shown flashes of brilliance this season, and a strong finish is not out of their reach.
    • We exalt effortless brilliance, we celebrate talent and the achievement that comes easily, naturally.
    • But then his intellectual brilliance is matched by his enigmatic personality - you can't be sure what he's really up to.
    • The authority, stamina, cool brilliance, and power of Nilsson's singing are evident throughout these two discs.
    • After six decades on the world's concert stages, Rosand's artistry and technical brilliance remain undiminished.
    • With understated brilliance, she uses typical photographic structures to picture atypical family groupings.
    • That's when you'll get that flash of brilliance.
    • This wealth of sample-worthy material draws Axelrod's brilliance to light even further.
    • For a system that boasts a dispassionate reliance on artistic brilliance as its arbiter, this anomaly is a crisis.
    • The strategic brilliance, wisdom and noble character of Washington made it possible, I believe.
    • We rarely hear Saint-Saëns for his piano music, except the brilliance of his second piano concerto.
    • It's intellectually stimulating and continually entertaining with moments of brilliance that will stay with you.
    • For the past week, one has heard the clarity and brilliance of his vision.
    • Two of the ballet's encounters stood out, imbued with a kind of artistic brilliance befitting their underlying influence.
  • 3literary

    esplendor masculine literary