Translation of bronchopneumonia in Spanish:


bronconeumonía, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbrɑŋkoʊn(j)ʊˈmoʊnjə//ˌbrɒŋkə(ʊ)njuːˈməʊnɪə/


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    bronconeumonía feminine
    bronconeumonia feminine
    neumonía bronquial feminine
    • The most common type of pneumonia is bronchopneumonia, which affects the smallest airways in the lungs (the bronchioles).
    • The lung showed focal bronchopneumonia, multiple thrombi, and focal hemorrhagic infarcts.
    • Infection can slow recovery or cause diseases such as blood poisoning or bronchopneumonia a pneumonia involving inflammation of the lungs.
    • Radiographically, SARS is closely mimicked by bacterial bronchopneumonia or other viral pneumonias.
    • Enlarged and edematous lungs, consolidation, hemorrhage, bronchopneumonia, and acute bronchiolitis were also noted.