Translation of bronchus in Spanish:


bronquio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɑŋkəs//ˈbrɒŋkəs/

nounPlural bronchi

  • 1

    bronquio masculine
    • With respect to the lungs, formalin was infused through the trachea or mainstem bronchi until the lungs were normally expanded.
    • An air leak was later noted between the bronchus and the lung abscess so the abscess catheter was placed to a water seal in a Pleurovac.
    • The tumor frequently extended to the adjacent lung parenchyma, bronchi, visceral pleura, and mediastinal soft tissues.
    • During the six years of follow-up, 2,622 men and 1,406 women died from cancers of the lung, bronchus, or trachea.
    • The bronchial courses caudally, beneath the arch of the azygos vein, to the right bronchus, where it follows the posterosuperior border of the bronchus to enter the lung.
    • When you inhale, air is carried through the windpipe to your lungs in two major airways called bronchi.
    • The outcome measure was death from cancer of the trachea, bronchus, or lung as the underlying cause, coded from the death certificate.
    • Bacterial complications are: Infections of nose and pharynx, sinuses, infections of the bronchi, the lungs and the middle ear.
    • Cancer can occur in the lining of these bronchi or in the lung tissue itself.
    • After the experiments finished, the lungs, including trachea and bronchi, were dissected out and weighed.
    • Emmprin has been found immunohistochemically in ciliated cells of normal bronchi and bronchi affected by squamous cell carcinoma.
    • Minor salivary glands of mucinous type are also located in the nose, paranasal sinuses, the larynx, trachea and bronchi.
    • The right lung was then carefully liberated from major bronchi and vessels, homogenized, and stored for analysis of hydroxyproline content.
    • This network of alveoli, bronchioles, and bronchi is known as the bronchial tree.
    • Virtual endoscopy has been used to evaluate the colon, bronchi, stomach, blood vessels, bladder, kidney, larynx, and paranasal sinuses.
    • Augmentations in lung volume help constricted bronchi remain open, thereby attenuating the lumenal reductions.
    • They are heard when there is consolidation of lung tissue with bronchi that open into the consolidation, such as occurs in pneumonia.
    • Baseline measurements were attempted in the trachea, main bronchus, and lobar and segmentai bronchi, avoiding areas covered in mucus and sites of bleeding or previous lavage.
    • The airways (trachea, bronchi, bronchioles) are surrounded by a type of involuntary muscle known as smooth muscle.
    • The isolated lung tissues were divided into two portions: the trachea and main bronchus and the lungs.