Translation of brownie in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbraʊni//ˈbraʊni/

nounPlural Brownies, Plural brownies

  • 1

    bizcocho de chocolate y nueces masculine
    brownie masculine
    • But she forgot them all during a disastrous year in high school when she lived in suburban Boston as an exchange student and gained 20 pounds on a diet of brownies and chocolate chip cookies.
    • This glaze also will work on a pan of brownies, a pound cake, even a fruit tart.
    • Like brownies, chocolate cake is loved by everyone.
    • As well as making mouthwatering delights such as chocolate brownies, cherry cakes, tea bread and fruit cakes, he can also turn his hand to preserves, pates and pork and Cumberland sausages.
    • I once partnered an Australian sparkling ale with chocolate brownies for a laugh and the result was delicious.
    • And then we would manage to ferret away all the chocolate brownies and ice cream we could get and gobbled them up until our stomachs were swollen, as though we were five months pregnant.
    • These offered the most delicious apple strudel, chocolate brownies and buns!
    • Try adding nuts or other dried fruits- or make plain chocolate brownies without any extras at all.
    • But if I told you that you had a choice out of the crumble, home made chocolate brownies, a tiramisu dripping with brandy, and a rich crème brûlée, you might find that you didn't want the crumble after all.
    • I bend down to inspect the chocolate chip brownies and to try to figure out how many I can have without spoiling my appetite for dinner.
    • When he went on a trip to Europe, he brought me back some brownies and some Lindt chocolate - to me that is still the best chocolate in the world.
    • Kathy came up a minute later to check on them and set a plate of chocolate chip brownies on the side table by her bed where they sat.
    • About two years ago, Mona decided to set up a home-based chocolate business and expanded her product line by adding cookies, brownies and marble cakes.
    • The brownies are rich and full of chocolate flavor.
    • When your body is too hungry and screams for quick energy, you can easily succumb to chocolate chip cookies, brownies or candy bars.
    • And the restaurant sells its own line of chocolate candies, brownies, and sumptuous dessert toppings from a retail counter up front.
    • If you're making your own pound cake, brownies or angel food cake for the chocolate fondue, get baking.
    • It could make cakes, cookies, brownies, pizzas, candy and pies.
    • The next day, I raised the bar and went for a fudge brownie with chocolate chips.
    • As for me, I don't think I could survive without my brownies and chocolate chips.
  • 2Brownie

    alita feminine
  • 3

    duende masculine
    • It wasn't often that Murdoch truly appreciated a practical joke but Johnny's contention that they had a leprechaun or a brownie in the house was too good to pass up.
    • Heathens also work with ‘hidden folk’ such as elves, brownies, dwarves and etins (giants and other not so pleasant folk).
    • In England the hobgoblin was as helpful a sprite as the brownie and was also known as Robin Goodfellow or Puck.
    • He did not know what trouble this could bring, for people spoke of elves and imps and brownies living up in the hills.
    • If you added to it the adventures of the Famous Five as they tackled smugglers and pirates and thieves, and the magical escapades of brownies and elves, you get something close to Harry Potter.