Translation of brucellosis in Spanish:


brucelosis, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbrusəˈloʊsəs//ˌbruːsəˈləʊsɪs/


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    brucelosis feminine
    • Bison in Yellowstone National Park also originally contracted the bacterial infection known as brucellosis from domestic livestock.
    • This bacterium causes a disease called brucellosis in sheep and goats.
    • ‘Brucellosis in bison is very similar to brucellosis in cattle,’ says Olsen.
    • The justification for the slaughter was Montana's fear that the bison could infect its cattle with the bacterium brucellosis.
    • Four cows have been culled amid concerns they may have contracted brucellosis, a contagious disease, which in cattle causes abortion or premature calving.
    • Listeriosis, brucellosis, and rabies could account for the symptoms and all three ailments were endemic to the area.
    • The bison roam onto Horse Butte to graze in the winter, and when they do, the government kills them because of unwarranted fears that buffalo will infect cattle with the disease brucellosis.
    • Behind the killings are Montana livestock officials, who claim they are protecting cattle herds from brucellosis, a disease that can cause cows to abort and is spread by birthing material.
    • Other diagnoses included diarrhoeal disease, dengue fever, typhoid, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, brucellosis, acute myeloid leukaemia, and infectious mononucleosis.
    • Other causes of encephalitis include influenza, listeriosis, brucellosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, whooping cough, rabies and lead poisoning.
    • He said that brucellosis was a bacterial disease and that infection was spread through herds by cows on heat.
    • Acute bacterial infections, notably salmonellosis, brucellosis, pertussis, tuberculosis and rickettsial infections, can cause neutropenia.
    • Chronic wasting disease, West Nile fever, brucellosis, avian botulism, avian cholera and others have impacted wildlife populations.
    • An estimated 50 percent of the bison in Yellowstone carry a bacterial infection called brucellosis which Montana and federal authorities spent decades and tens of millions of dollars eradicating from cattle herds in the state.
    • Though now rare, chills and fevers in a butcher or veterinarian suggests brucellosis (undulant fever), a bacterial infection transferable from animals to man.
    • The killing is driven by a fear that the animals will transmit brucellosis, a bacterial disease, to cattle that graze near the park's borders.
    • Meanwhile five cattle imported into Cumbria from France have shown signs of having the contagious disease brucellosis, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
    • It has been proved scientifically that unpasteurized milk will transmit Campylobacter, brucellosis, shigellosis, E. coli, diphtheria, salmonella, listeriosis and tuberculosis.
    • Elsewhere, I read that investigators in Sicily believed the mafia is behind an unexpected rise in cases of the animal disease brucellosis among humans.
    • The DOL justifies the killings by saying that the bison may transmit brucellosis - a bacterial disease.