There are 2 main translations of brush in Spanish

: brush1brush2


cepillo, n.

Pronunciation /brəʃ//brʌʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for cleaning)

      cepillo masculine
      • ‘Students were told to contribute money for the purchase of brooms, mops, brushes and paint for the contest,’ he said.
      • Clean the brushes using paint thinner, if you used oil-based, or soap and water if you used latex.
      • Wet the brush bristles thoroughly, and work in the shampoo or wash.
      • Continue working with a brush and blow-dryer until hair is dry.
      • In each case the slip was most likely applied with a brush or other implement, rather than being trailed in liquid form from a slip cup.
      • He nodded towards the bowl of dirty brown liquid they'd used to clean their paint-soaked brushes.
      • I ran a brush through my hair quickly and applied the slightest bit of makeup so that I didn't look quite as ragged as I felt since the long day after not sleeping.
      • Male pattern baldness is not due to the shampoo one uses or because of wearing a helmet, or hat, or because a person brushes or rubs his hair very often.
      • Imagine, if you will, an artist loading a brush with paint, applying it to the canvas, and then waiting a week to see what it looks like.
      • Using a pastry brush, paint the beaten eggs over the surface of each piece of rice paper.
      • Don't comb with a bristle brush when your hair is wet, because it can pull hair out more quickly.
      • After she has dressed, the Queen's hairdresser brushes and arranges her hair in the familiar royal style.
      • Next, apply the sealer according to manufacturer's instructions with a brush, broom or paint roller.
      • He takes a small brush and brushes the powder over the keypad.
      • There is a move from detailed images made with small brushes to ones broadly handled in increasingly thick, tacky paint.
      • I like to apply it with a powder brush rather than the puff it comes with.
      • Interdental brushes are small, specially designed brushes for cleaning between the teeth.
      • She dipped it into the glass of water that was beside it and then put the bristles of the brush into the red paint that lay spilt on the floor.
      • She dabbed a brush in a beige powder and brushed Cassie's cheeks.
      • She picked up her brush and brushed her hair until all the tangles came out.

    • 1.2(for hair)

      cepillo masculine

    • 1.3paintbrush

      pincel masculine
      (large) brocha feminine

    • 1.4(for drums)

      escobilla feminine
      plumilla feminine
      • It's just amazing what the man can do with a pair of brushes, a snare and a single ride cymbal.
      • A wide variety of drumsticks, including hard sticks, soft mallets, and brushes, is used.
      • The bass on the piano was heavily distorted and the drum brushes were too heavy.
      • The sound is almost like brushes on a snare drum.
      • He created original sounds from his cymbals and skins using sticks, brushes, and even his hands.

    • 1.5(contact)

      escobilla feminine
      • Perhaps their closest brush with death was when a helicopter they had been due to travel in crashed into base camp, killing two people and injuring 11.
      • He has already had a brush with cancer in the past and obviously is now encountering another serious health problem.
      • La Haye plays a deep-sea diver who suffers a memory lapse after surviving a brush with death in India.
      • It wasn't the first time that Gomez had experienced a brush with death.
      • Tonight, trouble for the president's twin daughters: a brush with the law makes front-page headlines.
      • Political leaders and heads of state last night paid tribute to a commanding figure who survived both an assassination attempt and a brush with cancer during his time in the Oval Office.
      • The signs, however, are that no matter how polite or mutual the rules of engagement, his brush with the spikier side of his best friend has left him somewhat cowed.
      • He talks to others who had a brush with disaster fighting fires and rock-climbing in the Blue Mountains.
      • He said his brush with death and daily fight for fitness forced him to re-evaluate his goals and gave him a renewed zest for life and work.
      • Miller and Bennett continued their scholarly interests well after their brief brush with the satire revolution.
      • My brief brush with knitting lasted long enough to make a scarf for my little sister's Barbie (yes, that's how many moons ago it was).
      • Survivor's guilt maybe, that my brush with the disease was ultimately brief and in the great scheme of things something of a non-starter.
      • But a brush with the new authorities can mean a familiar encounter over identity cards and threats.
      • After a brief brush with academia, he slipped into the life of a freelance writer, producing company histories, TV scripts and a bit of Emmerdale.
      • Martin says that his brush with death has left him with a determination to make the next Coldplay album the not only their best yet, but the ‘best album of all time’.
      • Then there is a therapy service, Aftercare, to treat people who have been traumatised by their brief brush with fame.
      • The incident is the second brush with the law for Simpson since he moved to Kendall, 15 miles from Miami, last year.
      • Any strange brushes with celebrities while you were down in the LA recording the new album?
      • Doctor Ink experienced a recent brush with celebrity, and almost became a newsmaker in the process.
      • His brief brush with crime came early yesterday morning while he was attending the annual UWI Splash fête at Bowen Marine, Chaguaramas.

  • 2

    (of fox)
    cola feminine
    • Shortly after the tragic incident people started to notice that every night a large fox with a black brush would come and lay across the old woman's grave.
    • But the tail, drooping down the side of the shrine, is long and straight; and club-shaped at the tip, more like the brush of a fox than the curved tail of a dog, which is normally carried in an upright position rather than low down like that of a jackal, wolf, or fox.
    • Not a muzzle or a brush of a fox is to be seen.
  • 3

    • 3.1(act)

      I gave my hair/teeth a brush me cepillé el pelo/los dientes

    • 3.2(faint touch)

      roce masculine
      the brush of his lips el roce de sus labios
      • When they see a person they like eye contact or a light brush of the hand passing is used to indicate interest.
      • She didn't say a word, nor even touch me any more than a brush against my neck.
      • I didn't even think about it until I felt the brush of his lips against my palm as his mouth closed in surprise.
      • Stepping closer to carefully wind it around her shoulders, the light brush of his fingers against her skin was enough to send a shiver through her.
      • If he could make her heart race like that with just a light brush of fingertips along her cheek, she was afraid of losing herself completely in any other touch.
      • She shut her eyes and wished Daiju and Suku were with her until she felt a light brush against her forehead.
      • It was more like a slight brush of lips - it would have been a kiss if it weren't for Sean though.
      • During some unknown time, a brush against his shoulder awakened him to his surroundings.
      • She blushed as he came to, rounding her final swing into a delicate brush of his face with her fingertips.
      • I like to feel fingers immersing themselves in my hair and the gentlest brush of the fingers on my neck - invisibly marking my skin for pleasing later.
      • Wyn felt the gentle brush of his lips against hers, and shut her eyes, melting into the kiss.
      • The car kept interpreting the lightest brush of foot against pedal as an invitation to perform an emergency stop.
      • Another brush of his lips over her knuckles, and then he turned his horse about.
      • Grabbing the bottles from the cashier, she walked past him with a simple brush in the shoulder.
      • You would agree and yet still press yourself against me for a brush of the lips.
      • He leaned forward and kissed her forehead - a brotherly brush of his lips against her skin, no more.
      • The most delicate of glances, a mere brush of the forehead, was all that was needed to redirect it into the far corner of the net.
      • I felt a gentle brush of lips against mine and I jumped back, hitting my head on the stone.
      • The brush of lips quickly turned into something completely different-more urgent and hungry.
      • Without a word, he inclined his head and kissed said mouth softly, barely more than a brush of the lips.

    • 3.3(encounter)

      brush with sth/sb roce con algo/algn masculine
      • I had a slight brush with the law tuve un pequeño roce / encontronazo con la justicia
      • she has had several brushes with death ha visto la muerte de cerca en varias ocasiones

transitive verb

  • 1

    (clean, groom)
    (teeth/jacket/hair) cepillar
    brush the pastry with some beaten egg pinte la masa con huevo batido
    • To pass the time, she busied herself arranging Cecily's nightdress and brushing her hair.
    • I changed into a long t-shirt and clean underwear and then brushed my teeth, washed my face, and combed my hair.
    • I had put on my clothes, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and cleaned up my room a little before they came back upstairs.
    • She brushed a long auburn hair away from her face and pursed cherry red lips.
    • She brushed her hair smooth, and at that turned to the door and walked down the hall.
    • Physical removal of the bacteria through brushing or wiping the teeth is still necessary.
    • He stands up, brushes the dirt from himself, and waddles up to her with a huge grin on his face.
    • Malachi tried to look impassive as he struggled to his feet and brushed himself down.
    • I kicked off my covers and ran into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and cleaned myself off.
    • I pulled out a comb and brushed my hair, it was difficult to pull the knots out but I was able too.
    • She taught me about what her grooming needs would be, everything from cleaning her face to brushing her teeth.
    • Each evening, she sat in a chair on the balcony, brushing her long auburn hair while watching the sun set over the ocean.
    • We were fortunate in that The Hog loved having his teeth brushed and it was never necessary to take him to the vet to have them done under anaesthetic, as is usual.
    • Power failures seem to be the order of the day as they have become as routine as brushing one's teeth every morning.
    • Pulling on a pair of trousers, and brushing damp freshly-washed hair out of my eyes, I tried to work out what they'd got me for.
    • Standing up, she brushed herself down and looked to her left.
    • Soon, we finished eating and Halley took Isabella upstairs to change into her pajamas and brush her teeth as I cleaned up the kitchen.
    • He could have kept that in the dressing room, brushed himself down, come out afterwards and accepted one defeat.
    • The teeth and tongue should be kept clean by brushing twice daily.
    • An Afro or wide-toothed comb is ideal for brushing tightly curled black hair.
    • Avery picked up a comb and continued brushing her hair straight.
    • After showering, I brushed my teeth and cleaned the rest of last night's make up off my eyes.
    • As long as the clothes are clean and his teeth are brushed, he's kind to others and he stays out of jail - it'll be okay.
    • But I needed to know who it was so I pulled out a comb and brushed my hair forward a little and put it to the side.
    • The vet will be able to tell you how to brush the dog's teeth, how to clean his ears as well as how to clip toenails.
    • She pulled her favourite hairbrush out of the top right-hand drawer and started brushing her long auburn hair.
    • Keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth at least four times a day (after meals and at bedtime).
    • When she finished, she dressed into her clean clothes and brushed her teeth.
    • I said through giggles, as I pulled him from Travis, who brushed himself down and looked up from his seat.
    • I scrubbed my face and brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag and ran out the door at 8.01, only one minute late!
    • He also liked having his hair brushed, he would hoot and grunt as mom combed it every morning.
    • For three weeks I didn't bathe (except for the occasional wet wipe), brush my teeth or comb my hair.
    • Marshall got up, brushed himself down, grabbed his case, and walked to the door.
    • The Chief picked himself off the floor and brushed himself down.
    • Call if you would like to be taught how to clean and brush your child's teeth and gums.
    • I furiously brushed my hair smooth after my run up to my room.
    • Putting a brave face on it, I picked myself up, brushed myself down and carried on to school, buckled front wheel wobbling like a clown's car.
    • Humming quietly to herself, Sarah got out a comb and brushed her hair.
    • You are not allowed to brush your hair or adjust your bed-head ponytail!
    • She sat down across from him behind her desk, taking out a comb and brushing her long blonde hair.
    • Peeking through the window, the prince saw the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on, wearing a dress of golden satin and brushing out her lustrous hair.
    • She hurried down, to shoo it off Zed's doona, guiltily brushing away imaginary hairs.
    • But she needs her teeth brushed and claws clipped on a regular basis!
    • He brushed the dust from his blue waistcoat and wiped his aviator sunglasses on the hem of his shirt.
    • Lena stepped nervously into the classroom, smoothing her jeans the best she could, and brushing the long brown hairs from her black top.
    • Mika walked over to her clothes that were wet and now dry in her bag and took out a comb and brushed her hair into mid length wavy locks.
    • I finished brushing my teeth and wiped the steamy mirror so I could see my reflection.
    • Charmian stood and brushed herself down, a serious, practical face on.
    • He looked at Simeon as the latter picked himself up and brushed himself down, shooting his enemy a triumphant smirk as he did so.
    • After showering, brushing my teeth and putting on clean clothes I unlocked the shower door and headed to the hospital wing.
    • Use a boar's head or similar type of high quality styling tool to brush all hair smoothly back from the forehead.
    • In a flash we had jumped up and brushed ourselves down.
  • 2

    he brushed the crumbs off the table quitó las migas de la mesa
    • With extreme care he began to brush away dust from the stones on the floor of what he knew was a tomb.
    • ‘So far, we have found five skeletons in this pit,’ he added, carefully brushing the dirt from a left femur.
    • He squeezed under the bucket and began to brush the dirt away.
    • He carefully brushed dirt and grit away from the skeleton he was unearthing with a tiny, soft-haired brush.
    • Desiree walked to one of the windows, and tried to brush the dust out of it.
  • 3

    (touch lightly)
    • All I did was give her a glance as I brushed past her and made for the front door.
    • Slowly, she brought a tremulous hand up, starting as she felt her fingers brush against her cheek.
    • Lia tilted her head to the side, allowing his fingers to brush against her cheek, lightly.
    • As he helps me his fingers brush against my skin sending shivers through me.
    • The tips of my fingers brush against a bundle of money in my right pocket and I turn, heading towards the door.
    • Lexi patted Jordan's cheek lightly and then brushed past him, so she could make her way towards his room.
    • She stepped closer and her tapered fingers brushed lightly against the tender skin beneath his eye.
    • I felt his fingers brush against my cheeks, like he was holding my face in his hands.
    • Raphael stretched his fingers out and they brushed against hers lightly.
    • Jenna fumbled a moment with Allison's tie and she reached up to help her, their fingers brushing together gently.
    • Suddenly, Larken felt icy fingers brush against her face and neck.
    • Leo's fingers brush against mine as he pulls the gun from me.
    • I remember because she used to tap me gently on the head with her elbow whenever she brushed past me, just because I was the right height for it.
    • Slowly, he let his fingers drift down to brush against Jake's, and he gave the smallest smile.
    • She smiled, her fingers brushing lightly over the pictured faces.
    • Every time his hand would gently brush against mine, I trembled inside.
    • She brushed past him, fingers working at the clasp of her deep green cloak.
    • Then she felt James' lips on her skin… just lightly touching and brushing against her forehead.
    • Mark stood at the panel, his fingers brushing lightly against the self destruct button.
    • I gently brushed past them and walked to the side of the stage.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to brush against sth/sb rozar algo/a algn
    • to brush with sth/sb tener un roce / un encontronazo con algo/algn
    • to brush with death ver la muerte de cerca

There are 2 main translations of brush in Spanish

: brush1brush2


maleza, n.

Pronunciation /brəʃ//brʌʃ/


  • 1

    maleza feminine
    • The marsh, before barely visible through the brush, is now easy to see.
    • I had been in place no more than 15 minutes when I saw the antlers coming through the brush.
    • There they have set up deer targets in the brush and point out birds in the trees for the new employees to spot.
    • The flycatcher was seen lurking in the low brush bordering a secluded pond.
    • Emerging from the brush came a small, white, house cat with glowing pink eyes.
    • Most were happy to leave behind the bayonets that caught the brush and jammed into their sides as they hit the ground.
    • The Spotted Towhee is a distinctive bird that is often heard before it is seen, scraping about in the brush.
    • Instead of lining up at feeders like proper birds, they lurk in the treetops and skulk in the brush.
    • He plunged into the brush, and emerged a few minutes later leading two horses, one a grey gelding and the other a dappled mare.
    • From the brush came the hard sound of a heavy rush of water.
    • Ever wary, he might poke his head or body out of the brush a few minutes later - or perhaps not.
    • The brush in southern California looks as if it will burn: It's dry and creepy.
    • A witness had saw a suspect throwing a flaming device from the side of the road into the brush here, which caught fire.
    • It moved again, and with a start of surprise I realized it was the antlers of a nice mule deer, bedded in the brush.
    • Ray climbed down the tree and looked around in the brush, without any luck.
    • Apart from these birds, however, we found nothing else but a lone Winter Wren murmuring softly in the brush.
    • Five minutes later, Kagze was holding Hatoko's hand, leading her through the light brush on the edge of the forest.
    • The wagon driver emerged from the brush and they were able to make out his face.
    • Quite entertaining were some young Catbirds, meowing away in the tangled brush.
    • Because of this quietude, the rustle in the brush behind me sounded like a shot through the lazy summer air.
  • 2

    (cut branches)
    broza feminine
    • A Cook County Forest Preserve District representative last week said brush pile fires, set to dispose of chopped trees and buckthorn, and prescribed burns pose no threat to the public.
    • Gwyn managed to make a warm fire out of a pathetic pile of dry sticks and brush.
    • Build a brush pile near your feeder to make sparrows, towhees, and other shy birds feel more at home, but be sure it won't harbor roaming cats.