There are 2 main translations of brush in Spanish

: brush1brush2


cepillo, n.

Pronunciation: /brəʃ//brʌʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for cleaning)

      cepillo masculine
      to be (as) daft as a brush ser un tonto del bote Spain informal
      • Using a pastry brush, paint the beaten eggs over the surface of each piece of rice paper.
      • Male pattern baldness is not due to the shampoo one uses or because of wearing a helmet, or hat, or because a person brushes or rubs his hair very often.
      • Imagine, if you will, an artist loading a brush with paint, applying it to the canvas, and then waiting a week to see what it looks like.
      • Continue working with a brush and blow-dryer until hair is dry.
      • Clean the brushes using paint thinner, if you used oil-based, or soap and water if you used latex.
      • I ran a brush through my hair quickly and applied the slightest bit of makeup so that I didn't look quite as ragged as I felt since the long day after not sleeping.
      • ‘Students were told to contribute money for the purchase of brooms, mops, brushes and paint for the contest,’ he said.
      • She dipped it into the glass of water that was beside it and then put the bristles of the brush into the red paint that lay spilt on the floor.
      • After she has dressed, the Queen's hairdresser brushes and arranges her hair in the familiar royal style.
      • Wet the brush bristles thoroughly, and work in the shampoo or wash.
      • Next, apply the sealer according to manufacturer's instructions with a brush, broom or paint roller.
      • Don't comb with a bristle brush when your hair is wet, because it can pull hair out more quickly.
      • I like to apply it with a powder brush rather than the puff it comes with.
      • He takes a small brush and brushes the powder over the keypad.
      • There is a move from detailed images made with small brushes to ones broadly handled in increasingly thick, tacky paint.
      • Interdental brushes are small, specially designed brushes for cleaning between the teeth.
      • She dabbed a brush in a beige powder and brushed Cassie's cheeks.
      • He nodded towards the bowl of dirty brown liquid they'd used to clean their paint-soaked brushes.
      • She picked up her brush and brushed her hair until all the tangles came out.
      • In each case the slip was most likely applied with a brush or other implement, rather than being trailed in liquid form from a slip cup.

    • 1.2(for hair)

      cepillo masculine

    • 1.3render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      pincel masculine
      (large) brocha feminine
      to be tarred with the same brush estar cortados por la misma tijera / por el mismo patrón

    • 1.4(for drums)

      escobilla feminine
      plumilla feminine
      • The sound is almost like brushes on a snare drum.
      • He created original sounds from his cymbals and skins using sticks, brushes, and even his hands.
      • The bass on the piano was heavily distorted and the drum brushes were too heavy.
      • It's just amazing what the man can do with a pair of brushes, a snare and a single ride cymbal.
      • A wide variety of drumsticks, including hard sticks, soft mallets, and brushes, is used.

    • 1.5(contact)

      escobilla feminine
      • Tonight, trouble for the president's twin daughters: a brush with the law makes front-page headlines.
      • Doctor Ink experienced a recent brush with celebrity, and almost became a newsmaker in the process.
      • Political leaders and heads of state last night paid tribute to a commanding figure who survived both an assassination attempt and a brush with cancer during his time in the Oval Office.
      • Any strange brushes with celebrities while you were down in the LA recording the new album?
      • After a brief brush with academia, he slipped into the life of a freelance writer, producing company histories, TV scripts and a bit of Emmerdale.
      • Perhaps their closest brush with death was when a helicopter they had been due to travel in crashed into base camp, killing two people and injuring 11.
      • The signs, however, are that no matter how polite or mutual the rules of engagement, his brush with the spikier side of his best friend has left him somewhat cowed.
      • La Haye plays a deep-sea diver who suffers a memory lapse after surviving a brush with death in India.
      • Then there is a therapy service, Aftercare, to treat people who have been traumatised by their brief brush with fame.
      • His brief brush with crime came early yesterday morning while he was attending the annual UWI Splash fête at Bowen Marine, Chaguaramas.
      • He talks to others who had a brush with disaster fighting fires and rock-climbing in the Blue Mountains.
      • But a brush with the new authorities can mean a familiar encounter over identity cards and threats.
      • He has already had a brush with cancer in the past and obviously is now encountering another serious health problem.
      • My brief brush with knitting lasted long enough to make a scarf for my little sister's Barbie (yes, that's how many moons ago it was).
      • Martin says that his brush with death has left him with a determination to make the next Coldplay album the not only their best yet, but the ‘best album of all time’.
      • The incident is the second brush with the law for Simpson since he moved to Kendall, 15 miles from Miami, last year.
      • It wasn't the first time that Gomez had experienced a brush with death.
      • Survivor's guilt maybe, that my brush with the disease was ultimately brief and in the great scheme of things something of a non-starter.
      • Miller and Bennett continued their scholarly interests well after their brief brush with the satire revolution.
      • He said his brush with death and daily fight for fitness forced him to re-evaluate his goals and gave him a renewed zest for life and work.

  • 2

    (of fox)
    cola feminine
    • Not a muzzle or a brush of a fox is to be seen.
    • But the tail, drooping down the side of the shrine, is long and straight; and club-shaped at the tip, more like the brush of a fox than the curved tail of a dog, which is normally carried in an upright position rather than low down like that of a jackal, wolf, or fox.
    • Shortly after the tragic incident people started to notice that every night a large fox with a black brush would come and lay across the old woman's grave.
  • 3

    • 3.1(act)

      I gave my hair/teeth a brush me cepillé el pelo/los dientes

    • 3.2(faint touch)

      roce masculine
      the brush of his lips el roce de sus labios
      • She shut her eyes and wished Daiju and Suku were with her until she felt a light brush against her forehead.
      • You would agree and yet still press yourself against me for a brush of the lips.
      • She didn't say a word, nor even touch me any more than a brush against my neck.
      • Stepping closer to carefully wind it around her shoulders, the light brush of his fingers against her skin was enough to send a shiver through her.
      • During some unknown time, a brush against his shoulder awakened him to his surroundings.
      • I like to feel fingers immersing themselves in my hair and the gentlest brush of the fingers on my neck - invisibly marking my skin for pleasing later.
      • She blushed as he came to, rounding her final swing into a delicate brush of his face with her fingertips.
      • The car kept interpreting the lightest brush of foot against pedal as an invitation to perform an emergency stop.
      • The brush of lips quickly turned into something completely different-more urgent and hungry.
      • When they see a person they like eye contact or a light brush of the hand passing is used to indicate interest.
      • Wyn felt the gentle brush of his lips against hers, and shut her eyes, melting into the kiss.
      • It was more like a slight brush of lips - it would have been a kiss if it weren't for Sean though.
      • He leaned forward and kissed her forehead - a brotherly brush of his lips against her skin, no more.
      • Grabbing the bottles from the cashier, she walked past him with a simple brush in the shoulder.
      • I didn't even think about it until I felt the brush of his lips against my palm as his mouth closed in surprise.
      • Without a word, he inclined his head and kissed said mouth softly, barely more than a brush of the lips.
      • I felt a gentle brush of lips against mine and I jumped back, hitting my head on the stone.
      • If he could make her heart race like that with just a light brush of fingertips along her cheek, she was afraid of losing herself completely in any other touch.
      • Another brush of his lips over her knuckles, and then he turned his horse about.
      • The most delicate of glances, a mere brush of the forehead, was all that was needed to redirect it into the far corner of the net.

    • 3.3(encounter)

      brush with sth/sb roce con algo/algn masculine
      • I had a slight brush with the law tuve un pequeño roce / encontronazo con la justicia
      • she has had several brushes with death ha visto la muerte de cerca en varias ocasiones

transitive verb

  • 1

    (clean, groom)
    (jacket/hair/teeth) cepillar
    brush the pastry with some beaten egg pinte la masa con huevo batido
  • 2

    he brushed the crumbs off the table quitó las migas de la mesa
  • 3

    (touch lightly)

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to brush against sth/sb rozar algo/a algn
    • to brush with sth/sb tener un roce / un encontronazo con algo/algn
    • to brush with death ver la muerte de cerca

There are 2 main translations of brush in Spanish

: brush1brush2


maleza, n.

Pronunciation: /brəʃ//brʌʃ/


  • 1

    maleza feminine
    • The wagon driver emerged from the brush and they were able to make out his face.
    • There they have set up deer targets in the brush and point out birds in the trees for the new employees to spot.
    • A witness had saw a suspect throwing a flaming device from the side of the road into the brush here, which caught fire.
    • The flycatcher was seen lurking in the low brush bordering a secluded pond.
    • I had been in place no more than 15 minutes when I saw the antlers coming through the brush.
    • Instead of lining up at feeders like proper birds, they lurk in the treetops and skulk in the brush.
    • The marsh, before barely visible through the brush, is now easy to see.
    • Apart from these birds, however, we found nothing else but a lone Winter Wren murmuring softly in the brush.
    • Ever wary, he might poke his head or body out of the brush a few minutes later - or perhaps not.
    • He plunged into the brush, and emerged a few minutes later leading two horses, one a grey gelding and the other a dappled mare.
    • Five minutes later, Kagze was holding Hatoko's hand, leading her through the light brush on the edge of the forest.
    • It moved again, and with a start of surprise I realized it was the antlers of a nice mule deer, bedded in the brush.
    • Emerging from the brush came a small, white, house cat with glowing pink eyes.
    • Quite entertaining were some young Catbirds, meowing away in the tangled brush.
    • The Spotted Towhee is a distinctive bird that is often heard before it is seen, scraping about in the brush.
    • The brush in southern California looks as if it will burn: It's dry and creepy.
    • Ray climbed down the tree and looked around in the brush, without any luck.
    • Because of this quietude, the rustle in the brush behind me sounded like a shot through the lazy summer air.
    • Most were happy to leave behind the bayonets that caught the brush and jammed into their sides as they hit the ground.
    • From the brush came the hard sound of a heavy rush of water.
  • 2

    (cut branches)
    broza feminine
    • Build a brush pile near your feeder to make sparrows, towhees, and other shy birds feel more at home, but be sure it won't harbor roaming cats.
    • A Cook County Forest Preserve District representative last week said brush pile fires, set to dispose of chopped trees and buckthorn, and prescribed burns pose no threat to the public.
    • Gwyn managed to make a warm fire out of a pathetic pile of dry sticks and brush.