Translation of brutalize in Spanish:


insensibilizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbrudlˌaɪz//ˈbruːt(ə)lʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • The fact that nonviolent people are brutalized and destroyed for life in prisons is met with a shrug.
    • Penologists and medical experts agree that the process of carrying out a verdict of death is often so degrading and brutalizing to the human spirit as to constitute psychological torture.
    • I think violence really marginalizes and brutalizes women.
    • This was a savage, brutalised society, held together by fear and sadism.
    • Just as cruelty to animals on an individual level brutalises and desensitises, cruelty on an institutional level must similarly damage our collective psyche.
    • Another archbishop believes the government ‘is destroying our international reputation, brutalising the nation's attitudes and making us a less compassionate people’.
    • In my experience violence and intimidation are the exact tools used routinely to dehumanise and brutalise any individual unfortunate enough to be in the army.
    • But it is also clear that the use of torture was brutalising individual soldiers, as had so often happened in history.
    • This would cut crime and heal the lives of some of the most abused and brutalised people in our society.
    • It is brutal and inhuman and those that find themselves in one are going to be brutalised and to some extent de-humanised.
    • Despite evidence from psychologists that repeated viewing of rapes and physical attacks can brutalise young teenagers, McGregor insisted violent scenes deterred rather than encouraged.
    • This explains in part why slaves were often brutalized by the callous administration of cruel punishments.
    • War has brutalized our families in the same way it haunted and destroyed our homes and streets.
    • It does have an impact and has helped brutalize and degrade American life.
    • And to those who spoke, as many do today, of the naturalness of war, Gandhi's reply, first expressed in 1909, was that war brutalises men of naturally gentle character and that its path of glory is red with the blood of murder.