Translation of brute in Spanish:


animal, n.

Pronunciation /bruːt//brut/


  • 1

    (masculine and feminine) animal informal
    (masculine and feminine) bestia
    bruto masculine
    bruta feminine
    her son is a big brute of a man su hijo es un animal / una / un bestia
    • The public would view the woman's affair as a sad, desperate attempt to gain some comfort in the hellish life her brute of a husband had imposed on her.
    • To others, we are a combination of animals, brutes, deviates, psychopaths, products of broken homes, or just plain psychologically unbalanced individuals.
    • But the popular image of Mary Shelley's monster as a lurching brute is a world away from her original vision.
    • The people who really could complain about being portrayed as sadistic brutes are the Roman soldiers.
    • We cannot ourselves contribute to the stereotype that portrays these men as savage brutes unable to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner.
    • On the other hand, we get the old chestnut of the renegade bandit who preys on travelers, except in this case, he's presented as a sadistic brute.
    • Eventually, though, her Catholic aspirations to Protestant gentility and heavy-handed elocution lessons failed to soothe her brute of a husband.
    • The Irish father is a brute of a colonial policeman who, when not violating his child, enjoys casually smacking her in the mouth.
    • But that, in a way, is what it is to be a human being: an aesthete and yet still a savage, a moral being with a brute's appetite.
    • Among the people he knows in London are Wemmick, a clerk in Jaggers' office who becomes a friend, and Bentley Drummle, a horrible brute of a boy who begins to make moves on Estella.
    • These form a virtual catalogue of Europe's vision of the New World's inhabitants, who were seen in turn as noble savages or heathen brutes.
    • All the stories that she had heard about Gryphon's made them out as brutes and violent beasts, but Osiris proved them wrong every day.
    • He's a brute, an offense to human decency.
    • Running contrary to the accepted belief that Neanderthals were nothing but savage brutes, the child - either a foetus aged seven months or a child no more than a few weeks old - had been buried in a grave.
    • She was the only young girl in a tavern full of large ugly brutes.
    • What about that line - every person, every single person had the potential to be a brute, a thug, a murderer - do you think that's true?
    • Distraught pet owners have offered a reward to find the brute who slashed their cat with a knife and left it for dead with a 12-inch gash across its back and side.
    • It was cold out there and that horse was a notorious brute.
    • Traffic jitters and frustration turned nice people into bullies and brutes.
    • The early humanoids traditionally characterised as ape-like brutes were deeply emotional beings with high-pitched voices.
    • My fellow men were ugly brutes, caring only for their immediate needs and base cravings.
    • Watching these distinguished gentlemen operate, we feel certain that the old stereotypes of Italian-American men as Mafiosi, brutes, sexual predators, or idiots are behind us.
    • ‘You were not made to live like brutes,’ Levi quotes, ‘but to follow virtue and knowledge.’
    • If the people are not violent brutes then they are passive victims.
  • 2

    bestia feminine informal
    • Some observers hypothesize that she had been indoctrinated to believe the malicious stereotype of the Ursidae as awkward, clumsy, ill-mannered brutes.
    • The landing was home to a pair of scabrous aging brutes, a wolf dog (I suspect) and a forlorn Great Dane.
    • At one time a pack of them made an attack on Mr. Paschal's dog when tied within ten feet of the cabin, and but for prompt interference the canine would have furnished a supper for the hungry brutes.
    • What I remember is that the film starred Will Fyffe, whose big black dog was rather an unreliable brute that was suspected of sheep worrying.
  • 3

    (sth difficult)
    it's a brute to open da mucho trabajo abrirlo


  • 1

    brute force fuerza bruta feminine
    • they used brute force to get him out of the car lo sacaron del coche por la fuerza