Translation of bucket seat in Spanish:

bucket seat

asiento envolvente, n.


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    asiento envolvente masculine
    • It offers a comfortable ride for up to five people, the leather trimmed interior has front bucket seats and a bench in back with a sculpted space.
    • Obviously it's not going to duplicate the bracingly intimate experience of hurtling into the future while poised merely centimetres above the road surface in the bucket seat of an MG roadster.
    • Reclining bucket seats, an upmarket suspension and running boards are three more common items that add another grand.
    • With some help getting into the high cockpit, Bullard settled himself into the bucket seat and began the ritual of strapping on parachute and safety harnesses.
    • The ‘Gunsaddle’ is a ‘V’ shaped firearms carrier that is designed to be wedged between a bucket seat and the center console of a car or truck.
    • Another option is the Elite package, whose main feature is a conversion of the rear-seat bench into two distinct bucket seats - they're even heated.
    • She reached the driver's side, opened the door, and stepped in, sliding comfortably into the bucket seat.
    • It provides an improved distribution of back pressure for enhanced comfort, as well as increased lateral support comparable to front-row bucket seats.
    • You then drop yourself into the commander's seat, close the hatch and manoeuvre backwards onto the left bucket seat taking care not to sit on the seat belts.
    • Police told him his harness and bucket seat saved his life.
    • The Rendezvous' interior features front-row bucket seats in addition to a third row of seats that increases total seating capacity to accommodate seven passengers.
    • The 2005 Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR goes it one better, featuring a body that includes fiber-reinforced composites and carbon fiber bucket seats.
    • The bucket seat I've been strapped into is authentically cramped and uncomfortable, and every one of the dials and switches on the complicated control panel in front of me works just as they do in a real Tucano.
    • To match its performance persona, the MazdaSpeed gets its own front and rear fascias, plus special sport bucket seats and metal-look interior trim.
    • Once Wang Rui, fastens himself into the bucket seat, he feels again the familiar urge: to explode out of the start at a speed of more than 100 km per hour and snatch the racing championship.
    • I peeked around the bucket seat hoping to get a better look at the driver.
    • An optional center console with power outlet can be latched between the front seats or second-row bucket seats.
    • The sleek design includes bucket seats styled after Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair and a matt silver finish on the grille, headlights and interior trim that was inspired by Philippe Starck's Moto 6.5 Aprilia motorbikes.
    • Very simple - child seats, bucket seats and airbags.
    • Take the bucket seat out of your old Chevy, put it on a wood frame in the middle of a field and sit in it.