Translation of buckle in Spanish:


hebilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbək(ə)l//ˈbʌk(ə)l/


  • 1

    hebilla feminine
    to fasten a buckle abrochar una hebilla
    • Officers have been trained to aim at the belt buckle of the target to avoid hitting the head, which could still cause death.
    • He wore a pressed blue shirt that day, and a belt buckle enameled with stars and planets - a leftover, perhaps, from his physics days.
    • The collection includes a gold item thought to be a belt buckle and an impressive gold breastplate.
    • The Flex-Strap closure is on all new 2004 styles that have a plastic buckle.
    • I bought a leather belt with a heart-shaped buckle on it, from my favourite vintage clothes shop.
    • The back of the cap has a quick release buckle and a strap to adjust sizing.
    • His is an impressive collection of rusty coins and nails, corroded bullets and belt buckles, pieces of swords and knives, shards and bits of broken bottles.
    • She was wearing knee-length tan boots, a dark blue denim mini-skirt, a red belt with a double buckle, a black backless top and a PVC three-quarter length black jacket.
    • If the belt is not fitted correctly around the frame, the buckle can also snap when the car is in a major impact.
    • A few men arrive galloping out of the brush, cool atop their mounts, sporting cowboy hats and silver-and-gold Western-style belt buckles.
    • Dating from the late ninth century AD, the hoard includes silver coins, fragments of two swords, weights, a belt buckle, strap ends as well as the boat nails.
    • Gold items like armlets and belt buckles are well in evidence, although only reproductions are on display for the sake of security.
    • As well as the boat nails, the collection, which dates from the late 9th century, includes silver coins, copper and lead weights and part of a scale balance, a belt buckle and strap ends.
    • Good Italian leather belts with simple buckles are now found in many stores.
    • She clanked softly as she moved - her whole body was covered with belts and buckles and straps.
    • These workers are everywhere in the streets, selling such things as candy, shoe laces, toys, fruits, gum, incense or belt buckles.
    • In-line skates are manufactured with every possible combination of buckles and laces.
    • And the belt buckles are sometimes bigger around than my scrawny waist.
    • For a brief moment I considered staying with the party; I could buy tight jeans, wear cowboy hats and belts with oversized buckles, and always tuck in my shirt.
    • Yes, belts, buckles and zips are high fashion for us men this winter.
  • 2

    torcedura feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (shoe/belt) abrochar
  • 2

    (bend, crumple)
    (wheel/metal) torcer
    (wheel/metal) combar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (bend, crumple)
    (wheel/metal) torcerse
    (wheel/metal) combarse
    (knees) doblarse
    his knees buckled beneath him se le doblaron las rodillas
    • he buckled at the knees le fallaron las rodillas
  • 2

    (shoe/belt) abrocharse

    con hebilla