Translation of buddy in Spanish:


amigo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbədi//ˈbʌdi/



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    amigo masculine
    compinche masculine informal
    cuate masculine Mexico informal
    (as form of address) hermano informal
    (as form of address) macho Spain informal
    (as form of address) güey Mexico informal
    (as form of address) gallo Chile informal
    they're good buddies son muy cuates Mexico informal
    • I've got some harsh words for you, buddy, so have a seat.
    • I say ditch her and jump the next plane back here to Paris, buddy.
    • Then he stood at attention and saluted in the direction of his fallen buddy, a friend he would never see again.
    • You need these people to be your friends - your childless buddies will drop you like hot coals when the baby is born.
    • The terse answer from a ticket agent: ‘If we find something, you're not going anywhere, buddy.’
    • That ain't even the name of the bar anymore, buddy.
    • But when you're done, you're coming right back here, buddy!
    • Meanwhile, I will be having a final farewell party this Friday with all my buddies, climbing friends, old coworkers, old classmates and random strangers.
    • Often he will give Jon a parting look that says, ‘You're on your own, buddy.’
    • It's the most advanced and stylish way to interact with family, friends or online buddies.
    • He yells, ‘Excuse me, buddy, but do you know what we're supposed to do about this thing?’
    • Do us all a favor, buddy, and just give back the painting.
    • Clearly all of those people wearing red or white in the crowd are here to cheer for you, buddy.
    • In ‘Reunion,’ six high school friends investigate a buddy's death.
    • He frustrates me but we are best friends, blood buddies.
    • Sean is broke, so his best buddy and roommate Dee Loc suggests he gets a job at the local car wash.
    • Growing up in the 1920s, his closest buddy was Fats Domino before his family relocated to Portland, Oregon, where Lee took up featherweight boxing.
    • C'mon George, show some muscle when it counts, buddy.
    • I have no friends, I have no family, I have no pals, no buddies, no chums, no amigos, nothing.
    • Well, I just wanna tell you, buddy, you're not alone.
    • Since they're best friends, his buddy would know where he was and who he was with.
    • He was and will always be my best friend; my closest buddy.
    • Now, Darce, buddy, how about you run along and get William here a soda, he looks quite parched.
    • It follows four buddies, Asian-American high school students in Southern California who get caught up in a tumultuous rush of drugs, crime, and violence.
    • ‘Don't worry, buddy, it's just me,’ I sigh, wondering what went through his head today.
    • Sky High nudges your funny bone and then stands back with a hearty grin and says, ‘No offence, buddy.’
    • Where did you get your journalism degree, buddy?
    • I lost the light of my life, my buddy, my best friend.
    • I can always tell how I'm doing by the number of sentences that start with, ‘Now, listen, buddy.’
    • It's a relationship that's grown - Joe and I are firm friends now, best buddies.
    • Well, I hope the stakes weren't too high, Joe, because you lost, buddy.
    • As an aside, before Christmas I ran into a buddy from high school.
    • Well guess who are friends, buddies and dealmakers together?
    • Still, he is the innocuous core that links a huge cast of eccentric characters, foremost his war buddy and closest friend Samad Iqbal.
    • Sure I have friends, but not real friends, not the kind of close buddies that you share everything with.
    • Everyone should be blessed with a friend like my buddy Pete Haggins.
    • ‘You've taken my luck, buddy,’ he humphs, as he collects his remaining chips and leaves.
    • Aficionados of comic book blockbusters will be shouting in unison, ‘Get green, buddy!’
    • I thank you for your suggestion, but back off, buddy.
    • I don't know if they'll ever be close buddies, but they definitely get on better these days.