Translation of build in Spanish:


construir, v.

Pronunciation: /bɪld//bɪld/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (construct, make)
    (house) construir
    (house) edificar
    (house) hacer
    (bridge/road) construir
    (wall) construir
    (wall) levantar
    (wall) hacer
    (nest) hacer
    (fire) hacer
    (fire) preparar
    (car) fabricar
    (ship) construir
    to build sth out of sth construir (/ hacer etc. ) algo con algo
  • 2

    (establish, develop)
    (career) forjarse
    (empire) levantar
    (empire) construir
    he tried to build a new life in America intentó empezar de nuevo en América
    • she built the company from nothing levantó la empresa de la nada

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (erect buildings)
  • 2

    (tension/pressure) aumentar


  • 1

    (body proportions)
    complexión feminine
    with a slim/an athletic build de complexión delgada/atlética
    • the build of a swimmer el físico de un nadador
    • They invite people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need.
    • The rest of the structure is built from all natural materials.
    • Village houses are built close together, and farmers walk to their fields outside the village.
    • Last fall, Toronto city council approved plans to build a bridge to the island airport and expand a terminal.
    • On the domestic front, plants provide the materials from which we build our houses and landscape our gardens.
    • The $1 million facility was built and financed by the town and is being leased by Mediplan.
    • The organisation also makes the case against the increasing use of Private Finance Initiatives to build new hospitals.
    • Kammu houses are built close together in the village, located on a hilltop or halfway up a mountain.
    • However, their lovingly nurtured plots could be swallowed up by Eastleigh Council's plans to build hundreds of homes.
    • The connected structures are built from recycled materials and rest on stilts above Darby Creek.
    • Ambitious plans to restore Otley Bridge and build a new footbridge have been launched by town councillors.
    • I believe that a wind turbine only needs to operate for three months to offset the energy used for raw materials that built it.
    • Cheshire County Council may build a dual carriageway passing within an estimated 200 yards of the property.
    • It's hopeless for the Housing Commission to build estates of this kind.
    • The centre is built entirely of sustainable materials, and produces its own energy through a wind turbine and solar panel.
    • The main reason for the use of cheaper fuels at Lafarge is surely to cut costs and so provide cheap building materials to build our homes.
    • They were fun, but what I remember was that Papa got down on the floor with me and we built things together.
    • In towns, more houses are built with imported materials such as concrete block and corrugated iron.
    • I also took the chance while I was in town to get an update on the City Council's plan to build a water recycling plant.
    • Indian and French scientists will work together to build a new weather satellite, according to the BBC.
    • Ultimately public school districts across the country will finance and build schools like these.
    • Most important, the material used to build the levy was inferior from onset.
    • The hospital was built under a private finance deal involving the Bank of Scotland, BICC and Morrison Construction.
    • Other councils which had built pools were to be asked about finance and procedures.
    • The council plans to build a children's centre on the site.
    • Many of the materials to build the cabins halfway up the mountain were carried in to the secret location on foot.
    • That summer, the two had built a fort together between their two houses.
    • He drew up plans for a small pocket watch and commissioned a friend to build it for him.
    • The group could not get permission to paint a mural on an existing structure so, the county council built the wall on Woodlands Drive.
    • At one stage the county council was planning to build new courts but it now intends to refurbish the present buildings.
    • A small fort was built out of the material of the stranded vessel and a crew left in charge of it to start a small settlement on the island.
    • Swallows build nests by packing together bits of mud with their sticky saliva.
    • And, to solve the parking problems in the town, the council plans to build a car park on land behind the Vale Of The White Horse Club.
    • Mrs Jones said that at the moment the PCT would not be able to finance the cost of building a new facility.
    • He braved the Great War to reach men and materials to build the chapel here.
    • A swarm of bees cooperates to construct a hive. Humans group together to build towns, cities, and nations.
    • The developers agreed to pay for the bridge while Laois County Council designed and built it.
    • The NSW Housing Commission built thousands of homes for low-income earners.
    • In the dining area, three of the owners of the house discuss how their everyday activism led them to build this home together.
    • She said the 500 new nursing home places being built by Hampshire County Council would help alleviate the problem.
    • Mr Harrison said the challenge was to continue strengthening the team to maintain the high standards on which the business had been built.
    • While few will have the chance to build a business of this size so quickly, many will share the frustrations of being let down by those thought of as loyal supporters.
    • Over the years they have built up a strong network of close friends who are a solid support system.
    • His family had for generations been in the textile industry, first in wool and then cotton, and had built up a major business in East Lancashire.
    • The prize-winning herd, established in 1964, was built up to 70 cows, plus followers.
    • His background in management helped him to build a saw-milling business 15 years ago.
    • But in 35 years of marriage, the Whites had built up a farming business worth almost £5m.
    • This means that operators are increasingly looking first at customer needs and then building a business case to launch a service.
    • John settled down to family life with his wife Julie and young children and built up a property development business.
    • It has built its business on developing close ties with large corporations via thousands of field and outbound call sales representatives.
    • He has prospered after building a successful business, but he never forgets the needs of the Bangladeshi.
    • Mr Moore and Mr Hill had strong family ties built up over years, Mr Hill living in a settled relationship with Mr Moore's daughter.
    • Scots settled across the Empire as it developed and built up their own communities such as Dunedin in New Zealand.
    • Tommy has been there four years and he has built up a very strong relationship with the players.
    • This is the period when we built up the institutions of democratic government and tried to act according to certain norms of propriety.
    • But clearly building a business case around this would not be a long term, sustainable strategy.
    • Mr Hussain built up the business when he took over in April last year after a previous arson attack caused £500,000 of damage.
    • She has given us the ideas on which we have built a very significant period of government in the latter part of the 20th century.
    • Yes, I have several pensions, which I have built up over a period of years, offering differing annuities.
    • They are very capable and the business has built up substantially.
  • 2

    (version of a program)
    generación feminine
    compilación feminine
    build masculine
  • 3

    construcción feminine