Translation of building site in Spanish:

building site

obra, n.


  • 1

    obra feminine
    • From 1909 Galerkin began to study building sites and construction works throughout Europe.
    • Just in the last few weeks it's started to change from being a building site to buildings.
    • The move should help keep down construction inflation costs and make building sites safer.
    • This considers advertisement hoardings to be acceptable around building sites or where they screen unsightly areas.
    • Her mother's family were construction engineers and through visiting building sites as a child she became interested in construction.
    • Athens, a site of great historical interest, was a building site a matter of months ago.
    • John worked on various building sites during the early 1920s, including the construction of Wembley Stadium.
    • Mr Kelleher said it was understandable that children would have a natural curiosity about building sites but safety had to remain a priority.
    • The site is still a building site, with stacks of concrete blocks and scaffolding in the bare corridors.
    • There have been many reports of machinery having been stolen at building sites at various locations around the area.
    • For that reason, he uses a rock milling machine when excavating for streets, highways, and building sites.
    • Industrial and construction noises from factories and building sites also produced a barrage of complaints.
    • The construction materials are very expensive but there are more building sites than workers available.
    • It depicts a construction worker hanging desperately from a steel girder on a building site.
    • For as long as six years the families at the Shandon site were living on what was nothing more than a building site.
    • Petty cash, company stationary, mobile phones and laptops rank high among items stolen from offices, building sites and changing rooms.
    • He's a big man with a withering sense of humour honed after a generation on Scottish building sites where getting brickies to trowel cement more quickly is a form of black art.
    • Amish construction groups travel to building sites for commercial and residential construction.
    • During 1946, up to one fifth of all farm work in Britain was being done by German POWs, and they were also employed on road works and building sites.
    • Would you like to grade a building site with the same ease that you play a computer game?