Translation of bull-necked in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbʊlnekt/


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    de cuello corto y ancho
    • A few minutes later Mr Griffin himself turned up surrounded by minders; shaven-headed, bull-necked and looking like cheap club bouncers talking into radios and wearing black gloves for effect.
    • The best part about the WSMC is most certainly the wide variety of horrifyingly torturous events that Samsonson and his bull-necked Scandinavian ‘son’ clones must endure.
    • Germans developed this collar for many of their bull-necked breeds.
    • We meet Gaspar, the bull-necked boss of the local Maquis, obviously still enraged by the compliance of his neighbours.
    • In a piece labelled ‘The Crow Files’, the newspaper wrote, ‘It is no coincidence that the bull-necked, bullhorn-voiced Mr Crow is an ardent support of Millwall football club, whose thuggish fans rejoice in their unpopularity’.
    • The bull-necked doorman fixed me with a withering look and said: ‘You're not on me list mate.’
    • Bacon, whose portraits show him to be a huge, bull-necked man, answered, ‘Madam, my house is well, but it is you that have made me too great for my house’.
    • Andy MacSharry is a small, bull-necked, blue-eyed bachelor and not at all like the wild-eyed John B Keane character who coveted somebody else's land.
    • They read simultaneously as portly bodies and bull-necked heads.
    • They were big and bull-necked and bullet-headed.
    • Henry was nineteen years old, bull-necked, stocky and freckled, a man of electric energy and ferocious impatience, compelling charm and an ungovernable temper.
    • Her credibility has lost out to her desperate desire to be liked, even if it is by bull-necked honkers in shirts made of the stars and stripes.