Translation of bullion in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbʊljən//ˈbʊlj(ə)n/


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    gold/silver bullion oro/plata en lingotes
    • He put a graph where he compared the value in weight of his degree with the corresponding value of gold bullion.
    • If you just want gold, buy bullion coins, particularly U.S. Eagles.
    • Gold bullion coins are usually sold as one troy ounce or in fractions of an ounce.
    • Employees at the gold bullion and precious metals firm Johnson Matthey began the first in a series of 24-hour strikes on September 23.
    • However, we're all still entitled to pop down and demand that they exchange our notes for the equivalent value in gold bullion, should we so wish.
    • At one stage, Sir William calculates that they were valued higher than silver bullion, and comprised some 1.5% of Britain's entire export trade to Chile.
    • It used to apply just to gold or silver coins, bullion or plate that were buried or hidden some other way.
    • Small holdings of gold and silver coins and bullion can be held in a bank safe deposit box or in a pipe buried in the back yard.
    • So with 40% of CEF, the portfolio would contain about equal percentages of foreign bonds and gold and silver bullion.
    • The only exception to this in my judgment would be permanent acquisition of gold and silver coins or bullion by individual investors.
    • The value of bullion tracks gold's market performance.
    • We will keep you fully posted on any further dictators / bullion / gold coins unearthed in palaces or small holes in the ground, and any business opportunities which may arise from such discoveries.
    • For example in large portfolios, we expand precious metals to include gold and silver bullion, gold and silver stocks and small and large mutual funds.
    • CEF trades on the American Stock Exchange so investing in silver and gold bullion is as simple as calling your stockbroker and purchasing shares of this fund.
    • Payment on goods was often provided in silver or gold bullion, but as sales increased and more than two people became involved in any one business deal, new ways of trading were required.
    • Nor did it stop President Roosevelt in the 1930s, during which he declared it illegal to own circulating gold coins, gold bullion, and gold certificates.
    • While gold coins and bullion continued to dominate the monetary system of Europe, it was not until the 18th century that paper money began to dominate.
    • It required the immediate conversion of gold and silver received by the mint authority into bullion or coins.
    • It took him only three days to bring the bullion and gold coins to the surface and at the same time pay out $768,000 for the use of the special ship.
    • The ‘paper pound’ refers to the restriction placed on the convertibility of Bank of England notes into gold bullion or coin.