Translation of bullwhip in Spanish:


látigo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊlˌ(h)wɪp//ˈbʊlwɪp/


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    látigo masculine
    • He was cracking a big bullwhip and he said, ‘No, no, I'd much rather stay here on the farm.’
    • Using their bullwhips, the cowboys aimed at various targets with remarkable accuracy, whipping newspapers and plastic bags from people's mouths or hands.
    • Do they just have a stable of astonishingly good writers or are there a couple of great editors in the back office with bullwhips?
    • They dueled on pretty even terms for 15 rounds, but to me, Robinson's punches had more authority and his combinations were like the repeated crack of a bullwhip.
    • As part of the tradition, the horseman carried bullwhips instead of ropes.
    • More recently, several have speculated that, like bullwhips, such tails were meant to be noisemakers.
    • The warm January sun flogged me like a bullwhip.
    • Meanwhile, a mysterious red-robed monk is sneaking around in the shadows, snapping people's necks with a bullwhip.
    • He cracks his vocals like a bullwhip, then garbles his lyrics with the patience of dry heaving.
    • A minute and a half later, they began beating the marchers with bullwhips and nightsticks that day in 1965 on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.
    • The fictional Zorro may have defended himself with a long whip, but a bullwhip was not designed as a weapon.
    • Two thousand campesinos fought there last year under the pacifying influence of police armed with bullwhips and tear gas.
    • The Cossacks carry long bullwhips and have batons tucked into their belts.
    • It took two members of Keyes' own staff using a combination of bullwhips and cattle prods to drive him away from the woman.
    • This one is from Cleveland, where two fliers tried to carry on a blowgun with darts and a bullwhip.
    • In patches, the trees gave way to weeds, and nettles as tall as my face that snapped back and forth like a bullwhip, reaching for my cheeks and eyes as I ducked out of their reach.
    • Sharman said the mostly Irish track crew, commanded by the colorful J. S. Casement, who carried pistols and, occasionally, a bullwhip, numbered about three hundred men.
    • The explosive crack of a bullwhip can frighten cattle into a pen and even keep lions and tigers at bay.
    • These waves can race across the ocean like the crack of a bullwhip, gaining momentum over thousands of kilometers.
    • Then Guy stood on the rumps of the two horses and cracked two bullwhips in the air.

transitive verb

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    darle latigazos a