Translation of bundle in Spanish:


lío, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʌnd(ə)l//ˈbəndl/


  • 1

    (of clothes, rags) lío masculine
    (of clothes, rags) fardo masculine
    (of clothes, rags) atado masculine Latin America
    (of newspapers, letters) paquete masculine
    (of money) fajo masculine
    (of sticks, twigs) haz masculine
    (of sticks, twigs) atado masculine Latin America
    that child is a bundle of joy/mischief ese niño es un cascabel/un diablillo
    • she's a bundle of nerves es un manojo de nervios
    • he isn't a bundle of laughs no es muy divertido que digamos
    • the play isn't exactly a bundle of laughs la obra no es precisamente muy cómica
    • to go a bundle on sth/sb
    • I don't go a bundle on Lucy/that idea Lucy/la idea no me vuelve loco
    • After he'd drop off that last bundle, there he'd be with a big ole empty covered trailer and money in his wallet, a dangerous combination.
    • After a couple of hours of hard work we sat in the shelter of the storage box on a bundle of wooden stakes to keep our bums from the cold wet ground, drinking lemonade and sharing a muesli bar, surveying our small slice of land.
    • On top of each bundle is a faded, yellowed photograph.
    • In fact, bundles will generally dry out to some degree during the summer months.
    • Data were acquired from patients via an optical fiber bundle coupled to a commercially available double-monochromator fluorimeter.
    • He pulled his pack back toward him and dug rifled through it again, coming out this time with another cloth bundle and short, metal hook-like object.
    • Can I take you then to the book of materials, the bundle of documents, page 58, and invite your attention to the accumulation of three sentences.
    • Last year I tied a cord around my grasses to secure it into a huge, vertical bundle, and then my husband took the chain saw and cut them down to about 1 foot high.
    • One had clean undergarments and the other had a bundle of blue material in her arms.
    • Keirian dragged his feet through the thick, white snow, hauling a large bundle of wood on his already aching back.
    • A bundle of £1,000 in cash was handed to Cllr Larkin in Conway's pub around the corner from the council's office on some date after the vote.
    • When William Sykes was found dying by a railway in Australia in 1891 only two things were found in the hut that was his home - a dog and a bundle of letters from his loving Yorkshire wife.
    • He returned with a large bundle of black cloth, collected from various members of the Treochim, and usually used by them to make garments for mourning.
    • The letter was thick as a pocket Bible now, a loose bundle of papers bound up with string.
    • She shouldered a full waterskin, and a bundle of wrapped dried meat and flour.
    • As he walked away, I noticed a thick bundle of music under his arm.
    • The principal authority on which we rely for that view is conveniently set out in the bundle of materials that the appellant has provided to the Court.
    • Instead, Victoria received a bundle of letters bought at auction that Hepburn wrote to her father, the British banker Joseph Hepburn-Ruston, before he died.
    • He promised to put together a bundle of supplies and mail them, and I could send him a check when I received them.
    • His hand came out of the coat clutching a thick bundle of bills.
  • 2

    (large sum of money)
    a bundle un dineral informal
  • 3

    (of fibers)
    haz masculine
    • The midbrain is attached to the base of the cerebral hemispheres by the cerebral peduncles, two massive, flattened bundles of nerve fibres.
    • The hemorrhoidectomy specimens showed a stroma of connective tissue containing many blood vessels, and interwoven bundles of smooth muscle.
    • The stromal component, however, typically appears benign and predominantly consists of interlacing bundles of smooth muscle.
    • Normal epididymis and smooth muscle bundles were present at the edge of the tumor.
    • The endoneurium is continuous with the more abundant connective tissue perineurium, which envelops bundles of nerve fibers.
  • 4

    (of software, a product)
    paquete masculine
    • The first Sega GT on the Xbox was first released back in 2002 and soon after became part of Sega's bundle with new Xboxes.
    • Granted, there are a lot of extras included with the MSI card, but if dumping the poor game bundle drops the price, we say go for it MSI.
    • Overall, the Asus Extreme N6800 GT is an excellent card, with a decent accessory bundle.
    • This makes the 9600 Pro a light software package, but in my point of view that is for the best because with no games included in the software bundles it makes card a little less expensive.
    • Potentially, the customer could sell the cards and software as a bundle, or even design a turnkey workstation around the two, he said.
    • Prices range from $1,195 for the base version to $1,895 for the full version bundle.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make into a bundle)
    the system comes with bundled software el sistema viene con software incluido
  • 2

    she bundled them off to school los despachó al colegio
    • they bundled him into the car lo metieron a empujones en el coche
    • he was bundled out of the country lo echaron del país
  • 3

    (products/software) vender en paquete