Translation of burgomaster in Spanish:


burgomaestre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərɡəˌmæstər//ˈbəːɡə(ʊ)mɑːstə/


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    burgomaestre masculine
    • Katherine was placed with the family of Philip Reichenbach, burgomaster and town clerk, where she was treated kindly.
    • Johann Hudde was burgomaster of Amsterdam for 30 years, from 1672 to 1702.
    • They become betrothed, but the burgomaster Ghysbrecht, together with Gerard's scheming brothers and his outraged father, prevent the marriage and succeed in having the young man imprisoned.
    • Mathias, the owner of an inn and mill in a village in Alsatia, is eager to become the local burgomaster.
    • The bishop himself was known to be intimate with the widow of the former burgomaster of Constance.
    • Ten days later, I arrived with my trucks, while, back in Bevensen, a group of citizens chosen by the burgomaster were putting the final touches to the place of entertainment.
    • The grandfather generation included a burgomaster, two members of the Provincial Estates and six councillors.
    • The artist worked for the Amsterdam burgomasters, John Maurice of Nassau, and the Elector of Brandenburg.
    • The Rwandan genocide could not have occurred without the existence of a strong and effective administrative structure-the burgomaster system-left over from the colonial period.
    • Saskia Van Uylenburgh was the daughter of an impoverished though respected burgomaster and Rembrandt drew and painted her over and over again.
    • In the Court's view, the events that prompted the burgomaster's direction in May 1968… are of a nature to justify an ‘emergency’ confinement of the kind provided for at that time under section 14 of the Netherlands Act.
    • He served for 30 years as burgomaster of Amsterdam being first appointed in 1672.
    • A successful political career might well involve some four or five functions: elector, councillor, alderman, burgomaster, member of the provincial estates, member of one of the Chambers of Parliament that was the full cursus honorum.
    • Everyone who saw him was in agreement that the triumph of his long career was Mathias, the guilt-ridden burgomaster in Leopold Lewis's melodrama The Bells.
    • The prefectures are divided into communes, led by burgomasters, and the communes into sectors.