Translation of burner in Spanish:


quemador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbəːnə//ˈbərnər/


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    (for oven)
    quemador masculine
    • He had put a wire gauze on top of the burner before turning the gas on.
    • The four burner plus grill cook top does not have the usual downdraft exhaust fan for eliminating food odors.
    • A professional unit with more than four burners may be good for people who cook frequently or who often cook many things at once.
    • Thirteen of us working for five hours in a closed kitchen with molten sugar, hot burners, and open flames.
    • On the weekend, I learn to light burners and oven.
    • Mismatched mirrors on opposite walls reflected one another, and a coffee maker burned coffee on its burner.
    • You know if there is one thing I have learned in running this blog it is never for any reason leave lemons in the burner of a lit gas stove.
    • Bending at the waist, she peers beneath the pot, adjusting the burner's blue flame.
    • He lit the burner and the fire became at once flames reflected in the window's three panes: smell of sulphur.
    • Start up another burner on medium-high heat with a skillet or omelet pan.
    • Electric burners usually burn off food spilled on them.
    • Versatile and durable, the range includes eight burners, four cast-iron full-surface grates, and a griddle accessory.
    • The burners on a gas stove are all the same size, but they can vary in the amount of heat or BTU's that each one puts out.
    • Mallory took charge quickly, striking a match and holding it near the base of the burner where the gas slowly leaked out.
    • The blue flames of all four burners on the stainless steel hearth are flicked to high.
    • The older woman quickly turned put the pan back on the burner and shut the flame off.
    • Note that with fuel-fired systems, equipment is often simplified, eliminating a redundant second burner and venting system.
    • Noise was coming from the kitchen, and the sound of a burner being lit intruded loudly onto the silence.
    • The cooker automatically cuts off the gas supply if the burner is accidentally extinguished.
    • He was cooking out of this double burner in the Palmer House.
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    quemador masculine
    a DVD burner is fitted as standard cuenta con un quemador de DVD integral de serie
    • I found a 32x (!) burner for less than $80, installed it, and tested it.
    • By the same token, even an 8x DVD burner cannot match the burn speeds of dedicated CD burners.
    • I am using a duplicator with a professional setup, rather than burning the DVDs myself on an Office Depot burner.
    • We have a spin with a DVD burner that burns up to 8x for DVDs and is cheap to boot.
    • A home DVD burner like this one can only burn so much info to a DVD.
    • The design for the PC's various components are in flux, with hard drives, DVD burners, video cards, memory and motherboards all being reworked.
    • Since most DVD burners can read and burn CDs, it's best to make a backup CD to protect your valuable shots.
    • This would also be a small test on the drive's ability to read a data CD burned from another burner.
    • It was pretty, but also slow and notably devoid of drivers for CD-ROM burners, DVD players and other peripherals essential to the modern desktop computing experience.
    • Home/business users will want both a DVD-ROM drive and a CD burner, and possibly a DVD burner.