Translation of burst in Spanish:


reventarse, v.

Pronunciation /bəːst//bərst/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (balloon/tire) reventarse
    (pipe) reventar
    (pipe) romperse
    (fireworks/shell) estallar
    (shell/fireworks) explotar
    (dam) romperse
    (storm) desatarse
    (storm) desencadenarse
    to burst open abrirse de golpe
    • That little yelp was the crack that burst the dam Amy had built.
    • The stormy, rainy conditions that night had raised the level of the water to the highest point so far this year with the river bursting its banks in several places around the town.
    • I've got a feeling the dam has burst, and that, as usual, the media has missed the story.
    • The accident investigation however showed that marks on the road indicated the tyres had burst before impact with the roundabout, not after.
    • Kirkby Stephen town centre was also flooded along with other parts of the region as culverts and streams burst under pressure.
    • It swells considerably and has to be pricked with a needle to release the internal pressure and avoid bursting.
    • That will leave them facing a massive and ruinous personal bill if the River Derwent once again bursts its banks.
    • Hoses that burst apart under pressure, or leaked copiously, were another problem faced by fire fighters.
    • In Lancashire, the River Ribble burst its banks at Ribchester.
    • I'll not describe that one, either, except to say it was like a dam bursting.
    • The authority might be able to take some measures to cut the risk of properties being inundated when the beck bursts its banks, a leading councillor has revealed.
    • Instead, we should block off a conduit so completely that it bursts from the pressure.
    • The pain and agony she kept within her ruptured forth, much like an overflowing dam that finally burst under excruciating pressure.
    • The water is trickling down and filling up huge, high-altitude lakes, which are now threatening to burst their banks and flood the populated valleys below.
    • Flooding was extensive, especially in the Stockbridge area, with the River Worth bursting its banks and overflowing near its confluence with the Aire.
    • The resulting impact caused windows to burst in a two block radius.
    • People living in the 30 retirement homes at Town Mill in Marlborough were prepared for evacuation when the River Kennet burst its banks last Thursday.
    • Dublin experienced the most extensive flood damage in decades yesterday after the Liffey and Dodder burst their banks, damaging hundreds of homes.
    • This is in sharp contrast to the rainy season, when the raging water yearly bursts its banks and floods thousands of houses near the river.
    • He realised that without a space suit, his head would burst under the pressure if he stayed out there too long.
    • If the dam does burst, the world will probably be the poorer for it.
    • Frost expands the water in clay soils, which bursts the heavy clods apart.
    • Most of the times I just keep it bottled up inside of me till I feel like bursting from the pressure.
    • The heat from these pieces caused a rapid boiling of the cooling water, and a number of pressure tubes burst under the strain.
    • The River Wharfe was close to bursting its banks at several points.
    • Millions of pounds of damage was caused to homes and businesses while residents were forced to flee when the River Aire and River Wharfe burst their banks after days of heavy rain.
    • As JB watched, the corpse seemed to swell, the skin cracking as if waiting to burst from some internal pressure.
    • The Bridgehouse Beck, which runs through the village, burst its banks at about 9am on Tuesday after about a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours.
    • As we got to the cottage we realised the river was incredibly fast although it had not burst its banks at that stage.
    • Then the River Wharfe at the top of the lane bursts its banks, bringing flood water, mud and misery to the close - knit community.
    • Suddenly they burst apart, and a frighteningly large steel staff fell to the ground.
    • Flooding also hit hundreds of houses in southern parts of Lampung province in the past two days following heavy rains that caused rivers to burst their banks.
    • As the plane landed at Lyon-Bron airport, one of the tyres burst on impact with the runway, causing the plane to leap back into the air before completing a haphazard landing.
    • All the rolling stock, full to the brim with stone has burst every single wooden sleeper.
    • The anticipation is building inside me like a helium balloon, ready to burst from all the pressure high up in the atmosphere.
    • Worst hit was Helmsley where the River Rye burst its banks.
    • Whenever you hear someone telling you not to bottle your feelings up, or warning you that you will burst under pressure, they are implicitly endorsing this view.
    • Bluntly, is the dam bursting and does a really damaging and all-encompassing recession beckon?
    • In Marlborough, elderly residents of 30 retirement homes at Town Mill were preparing for evacuation when the River Kennett burst its banks.
    • The tension is great and palpable, a pressure cooker close to bursting.
  • 2

    (move suddenly)
    they burst into the room entraron de sopetón en la habitación
    • he burst out from behind the bush and … de repente salió de entre los arbustos y …
    • they burst out of the room salieron de la habitación precipitadamente
    • the news burst upon an unsuspecting world la noticia cayó como una bomba sobre un mundo que no se la esperaba
    • the realization burst upon me de pronto / de repente me di cuenta
    • a demonstrator burst through the police cordon un manifestante rompió el cordón policial

transitive verb

  • 1

    (balloon/bubble) reventar
    he bent over and burst the seam of his trousers se inclinó y se le rompió la costura de los pantalones
    • he burst open the door abrió la puerta de golpe
    • the river burst its banks el río se desbordó / se salió de madre


  • 1

    • 1.1(short surge)

      a burst of applause una salva de aplausos
      • a burst of activity un arrebato / arranque de actividad
      • a burst of inspiration un ramalazo de inspiración
      • inspiration comes in bursts la inspiración viene en oleadas
      • a burst of energy un arranque de energía
      • there was a burst of laughter from the table in the corner se oyeron carcajadas en la mesa del rincón
      • that final burst earned him a bronze medal ese esfuerzo final le valió la medalla de bronce

    • 1.2(of gunfire)

      ráfaga feminine
      • They said they heard bursts of gunfire for at least 12 hours after the clash.
      • Hopefully I'll have a sudden burst of inspiration and rattle the last of it off in no time at all.
      • Having attended last year's event, I can attest to its practically tactile, loving atmosphere punctuated with childlike bursts of humour.
      • Cinaed gave a brief burst of laughter, releasing the tension.
      • The sun was going behind the hills and there was a sudden burst of activity in the canopy - more bird sounds and monkey sightings.
      • A sudden burst of laughter was heard as David almost fell down.
      • And Robbins said that he had experienced a sudden burst of artistic activity.
      • It is slow and deliberate, punctuated with momentary bursts of creativity or rage.
      • Silence reigned over the radio, occasionally broken by a small burst of static.
      • I had the shock of a life time; he is seriously scaring me with his sudden bursts of laughter.
      • I have a burst of instant nostalgia whenever I stroll through its rather beguiling streets.
      • In most sports, the difference between success and failure can often come down to an explosive burst of power.
      • I hiccuped in order to disguise a sudden burst of laughter.
      • It also happens to be an incredibly catchy number, with an unforgettable bass guitar line, punctuated by bursts of joyous brass.
      • A sudden burst of laughter spurted out of Leanne's mouth and the group joined along.
      • He uses sonic cues and sudden bursts of noise (laughter, yelling, the blast of a gun) to suggest and confirm the nature of the story.
      • But, there seems to be a sudden burst of activity as all the ducks crowd around and wait for food.
      • His speech was almost unintelligible and punctuated with startling bursts of volume.
      • Their boots squeaked in response to sudden bursts of activity.
      • While we were talking, there were sudden bursts of gunfire.

  • 2

    • 2.1(rupture)

      (of pipe) rotura feminine
      (of tire) reventón masculine British
      • She jumps when the small explosive bursts, splitting the wood in half as intended, and Ted smiles, laughs, and then walks her through the process again.
      • Both supernovae and the rare but brilliant gamma-ray bursts are cosmic explosions marking the deaths of massive stars.
      • It was constructed in 1970 and served the population adequately up until the past number of years when bursts and a shortage of water during dry periods caused problems.
      • The team spotted the 28 bursts during a series of XMM-Newton observations of the neutron star totaling 93 hours.
      • It would require an intense burst of Electromagnetic radiation.
      • A burst of force broke the ground next to them, and a huge, snake-like creature sprouted above ground.
      • With fair frequency, the Sun's surface erupts with solar flares, which send intense bursts of electromagnetic radiation into space.
      • The console transforms that pressure into controlled bursts of nitrogen.
      • Prompt identification of an afterglow is crucial for piecing together the explosion that caused the burst.
      • As a result, astronomers spotted infrared light from the explosion while the gamma-ray burst was ongoing.
      • Suddenly, Trent felt a burst of pain split his left shoulder.
      • Gamma ray bursts are the biggest explosions in the Universe, and studying them is a great amount of fun.
      • The boosters near her wings flared up, erupting in a burst of pressure that sent her streaming forward.
      • The gamma energy burst struck Viegel in the back of his left knee.
      • The soldiers simply let their weapons fly-several of the bursts and streaks of ammunition hit him when he was in the air, knocking him back.
      • The explosion responds with bursts of smoke and hostile body language an I run out the door.
      • No more laughter, and in a sudden burst of speed, he picks up a rock and hurls it at a tree.
      • One moment there was a visored head atop the shoulders; next, with a loud explosion and a burst of fire, there was no head.
      • The burst or explosion that follows is generated in the hips.
      • The blast was followed by smaller grenade explosions and bursts of automatic fire that lasted for several minutes.

    • 2.2(explosion)

      explosión feminine
      estallido masculine