Translation of bus in Spanish:


autobús, n.

Pronunciation: /bəs//bʌs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(local)

      autobús masculine
      bus masculine
      camión masculine Central America Mexico
      colectivo masculine Venezuela Argentina
      ómnibus masculine Uruguay Peru
      micro masculine Chile
      guagua feminine Cuba Canary Islands
      on the bus en el autobús (/ bus etc. )
      • to go by bus ir en autobús (/ bus etc. )
      • to look like / have a face like the back (end) of a bus ser feo con ganas
      • bus service servicio de autobuses
      • bus ticket billete de autobús
      • Lorries, buses and wide vehicles will be diverted on to the Millbrook roundabout while the work is carried out.
      • The answer for Swindon is to reduce the cost of bus fares to make public transport more attractive.
      • Current regulations ban all vehicles other than buses and bicycles from using the roads at all times.
      • Big vehicles like buses and trucks must move into the extreme left lane.
      • And Councillor Skellett stressed it would mean there would be no extra cash to boost services for vulnerable people or for roads, buses or fire services.
      • The other two will cover heavy goods vehicles and buses.
      • The bus servicing the route has also been blocked on more than one occasion.
      • I too have had much experience driving heavy vehicles and buses.
      • They have come in rented buses and trucks, vehicles jammed to bursting with everything they can possibly carry.
      • I waited in the city to catch my bus at the bus stop, which serviced 8 different bus routes.
      • We were told by the Council that only buses and residents' vehicles would be allowed up here but it's being used as a general diversion.
      • The State Road Transport Corporation is running extra buses to carry the passengers.
      • The service will operate in a similar way to a bus service, with fares and timetables, but will be flexible enough to pick up passengers in a set area.
      • The heavy vehicles including lorries and buses make their condition worse.
      • The bus passengers were left abandoned on the side of the road.
      • The major polluting vehicles are trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles, all using diesel.
      • They claim the bumps impede the movement of emergency vehicles and buses, disturb neighbours and damage cars.
      • The bus service on these routes is temporary until the taxi operations get back to normality.
      • The new bridge will allow high vehicles, including buses, to pass underneath for the first time.
      • The colour-coded system is designed to encourage more people to use public transport by making bus services more frequent and routes more obvious.

    • 1.2(long-distance)

      autobús masculine
      autocar masculine Spain
      pullman masculine Southern Cone
      ómnibus masculine River Plate
      micro masculine Argentina

  • 2

    bus masculine
    address/data bus bus de direcciones/datos

transitive verb

  • 1

    (transport by bus)
    llevar en autobús
    transportar en autobús
    to bus it ir en autobús (/ bus etc. )

    transportar a colegios fuera de su zona para favorecer la integración racial

  • 2US

    (clear, clean)
    (table) limpiar