Translation of bushed in Spanish:


hecho polvo, adj.

Pronunciation /bʊʃt//bʊʃt/



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    hecho polvo informal
    • I was feeling a little bushed (after the second set) but I got off to a good start in the third and kept going.
    • We finally got her to sleep about 7.00 am so we were all fairly bushed.
    • Ok - the first day of training is finished and I am bushed - as usual.
    • With wake-up for tomorrow's bullet train to Hiroshima set for 5: 30, everyone was bushed.
    • Given my usual sedentary existence, I'm rather bushed, so this is another terse entry.
    • He looks genuinely bushed, and that's a great shame, because he's played some fantastic tennis here.
    • Considering all this, I must say, I didn't feel mentally bushed.
    • All in all, Steven Wright sounds like he's downright bushed.
    • We've been over to see Dad today before doing a bit of shopping, so now we're chilling, totally bushed and ready for a drink!
    • Eight hours on, we touch down smoothly at Gatwick, having been to France and back and, although it's only 2pm, I'm bushed.