Translation of bushwhack in Spanish:


hacer exploraciones, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbʊʃˌ(h)wæk//ˈbʊʃwak/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    (live, travel in the wild)
    hacer exploraciones
    • Slithering, clambering, and clawing through bush - literally bushwhacking - is unique to Blue Mountain canyoning.
    • Challenged by obstacles like thick vegetation, random trees, unexpected terrain changes, bushwhacking via bicycle takes every bit of your focus and attention.
    • Satisfied with my day's bushwhacking, I take a worn trail to see Morning Glory Pool, one of the most photographed images in the world.
    • We drop our packs in the willows and begin bushwhacking up and down the river, searching for a safe place to ford.
    • After six miles of scrambling, sinking, and bushwhacking, we were scraped and exhausted.
    • These roads that were no longer in use had been partly washed away in spots and were grown over by alder trees, but easier than plain bushwhacking.
    • Unfortunately, because an ice storm hit the area earlier in the winter, many trails and bushwhacking sections were thick with downed trees.
    • If you're interested in doing a little bushwhacking during your next excursion, here are some tips to make that risky ride a bit more fun and worry free.
    • When experiencing the wonders of off-trail hiking or bushwhacking, remember to disperse your impact.
    • This required much bushwhacking along an old survey line.
    • We bushwhacked again but only for a few minutes to a dirt road, and started riding hard towards CP 19, the top of a heavily wooded mountain.
    • Though he originally worked in a British bank, in New Zealand Aris took any job on offer, from bushwhacking and bullock droving to selling lingerie.
    • The ferns, palms, and other plants grew bigger, so bushwhacking was difficult.
    • We bushwhacked and scree-slid back down, but the bighorn faded back into the rocks.
    • I didn't want to see the park by bus, so I hiked south from the Denali visitor center and spent two days bushwhacking along deep, fast Riley Creek.
    • If age and economic class, the traditional explanations for bushwhacking, did not determine who went into the bush, what did?
    • And fellow recreationists stood in awe of the couple's hiking, bushwhacking, and climbing résumés.
    • We opted to do a little bushwhacking and open up some trails in the three feet of new snow.
    • To reach this point Meyer requires his reader to endure too much bushwhacking.
    • Van Pelt favors ‘high potential’ areas for big tree hunting, which often means leaving the beaten trail behind in favor of bushwhacking.
  • 2

    (hack a pathway)
    abrirse camino
    • This route is initially on a jeep trail and then it's bushwhacking through a section of thick forest (be sure you have a compass).
    • For hours they crept along ridgelines and bushwhacked their way through stands of elephant grass.
    • Biologist J. Michael Fay, left, pictured with pilot Peter Ragg, has bushwhacked 2,000 miles through the some of the last untouched forests of Africa and inspired the creation of at least 13 national parks.
    • Apart from the rare dirt road, you're bushwhacking through terrain that is not kind to sneakers.
    • He's bushwhacked 2,000 miles through the some of the last untouched forests of Africa and hosted a rogue's gallery of tropical parasites and disease along the way.
    • It wasn't easy, all this bushwhacking through unfamiliar territory.
    • Bushwhacking through this landscape is like walking a maze.
    • Unfortunately, borrowers who take the time to read credit card agreements often finding themselves bushwhacking through a thicket of dense prose.
    • One thing I've learned is that if there's no path through the forest, you have to bushwhack.
    • She continued till the path curved, where she did not follow it, and instead began to bushwhack through the small poplar trees and briar undergrowth of the Island thicket.
    • Most anglers refuse to engage in the severe bushwhacking required to penetrate the thick dense undergrowth surrounding these newly created watercourses.
    • It's just like hiking in a thicket - it requires too much energy to bushwhack, so you follow a deer trail.
    • I briefly consider bushwhacking my way into the jungle in a parallel traverse of the Stilwell Road, or whatever is left of it.
    • I park and bushwhack through desert cutlery for a mile.
    • I finally convinced him to let Steve and me paddle through easier water to the near shore, so I could bushwhack through the forest looking for a better portage.
    • Koepcke bushwhacked along the rainforest floor, frequently hearing planes above, but she had no way to signal them.