Translation of busk in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bʌsk//bəsk/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    cantar o tocar un instrumento en la calle o en estaciones del transporte público
    • Soon after her return she saw a group of street musicians busking in the Latin Quarter.
    • Three months ago he was unemployed, busking on the mean streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh to scrape together a living.
    • Some songs were written while in high school; some were written while busking on the streets of Seattle.
    • There was a South American band busking, the type with the pan pipes, flutes and drums.
    • The pair often went out busking in various towns, individually and together, but soon realised it was when they played together that the crowds built up.
    • I have sung it in schools, at conferences, even busking.
    • But he is just as likely to be spotted busking on a Senegalese street corner.
    • At 19 he moved to London where he developed his idiosyncratic style while busking in the London Underground.
    • In fact, they stand to make less than they would busking on the street.
    • Anton came over to him when he was busking for the new orphanage that he is intending to build in Kenya, and promised his support to the project.
    • Marc has become as much a part of city centre landscape as the cathedral after 18 years busking on the streets.
    • There was the coin throwing, maybe meant as a donation to my busking I think.
    • Apparently he busked on Grafton Street with his African hand-drum!
    • Before his career took off he did several odd jobs to pay the rent - busking on London's underground and peeling potatoes in a fish and chip shop.
    • Shoppers couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted a world-famous band busking in a Manchester street.
    • Now in the business for over 13 years, Kíla have come a long way since they started busking on the streets.
    • If you want free music go down to the street corner and listen to the man busking for loose change.
    • Musicians of all kinds were busking and selling their music on CD, also there were live puppet shows.
    • I'll probably make more money busking if I take him along with me.
    • Mr Robinson said he had been horrified to watch the Boxing Day disaster unfold and was desperate to raise money from busking as he could not afford to give any cash himself.