Translation of busy signal in Spanish:

busy signal

tono de ocupado, n.



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    tono de ocupado masculine Latin America
    señal de ocupado feminine Latin America
    señal de comunicando feminine Spain
    • This was immediately followed by a busy signal as the Verizon voicemail system hung up on me.
    • Dial your line 1 number and you should get a busy signal.
    • After speed-dialing the contest number a few times and getting a busy signal, I switched off my phone and tried on my new lipstick.
    • With a strangled yell of frustration Sam attempted to dial Alice's number, but received a busy signal.
    • He held the phone to his ear, but was greeted by a busy signal.
    • After the third busy signal, the phone was finally ringing.
    • He dialed the number of friend after friend, to get only answering machines, busy signals, and little siblings.
    • For days calls to Dave and his wife Susan reached only busy signals or voicemail boxes.
    • She does not even have voice mail or an old-school answering machine. That latter fact means that every once in a while when I call her, I hear an incredibly rare sound - a busy signal.
    • At this point, the only means these agencies have for communicating is over the telephone - busy signals and understaffing can result in excessive waiting for people in need of assistance.
    • She tried calling Courtney's cell phone, but she got a busy signal.
    • Customers reported phone holds of an hour or longer, nonstop busy signals and missed service appointments.
    • Frankie dialed the number, groaning when she heard the busy signal.
    • You'll get a lot of busy signals and the software's quirky, but it's kinder on your pocketbook.
    • If you want to talk about dial-up or busy signals, we get less busy signals than any that I know of.
    • At that moment I started re-calling the cell phone, but I just kept getting a busy signal.
    • That got me concerned, because you almost never get a busy signal on a cell phone.
    • I dialed the number seven times, and got seven busy signals.
    • If you get a busy signal, just please hang up and call back.
    • A phone call to Jasmine's had yielded a busy signal.