Translation of butterfingers in Spanish:


torpe, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbədərˌfɪŋɡərz//ˈbʌtəfɪŋɡəz/



  • 1

    torpe feminine
    patoso masculine Spain informal
    patosa feminine Spain informal
    • The whole staff was just a bunch of wacky butterfingers who made the same mistake over and over again.
    • Newton, much closer in spirit and physique to Hepburn, is funny and lovely throughout, but this is a two-hander and butterfingers Wahlberg isn't there to catch what she so ably throws his way.
    • Unfortunately I'm a butterfingers and grabbed the door latch when I got a hold and the door swung open, with me on it.
    • Hold your horses, butterfingers, I'll be there in a minute!
    • But the really annoying people said things like ‘hey, I heard what happened, butterfingers.’
    • But the butterfingers company boss Jerry Sanders later let them slip through his fingers.
    • Glasgow's first try had come even before Murray had left the field when flanker Stevie Swindall took advantage of some butterfingers to grab an early touchdown.
    • The result: timeless songs full of jangling guitars and giggling vocals and lyrics about being a lovesick butterfingers in a world of emotional icebergs.