Translation of buttery in Spanish:


mantecoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbədəri//ˈbʌt(ə)ri/


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    a buttery taste un sabor a manteca River Plate
    • Its rich, buttery nose also has hints of lemon and lime, with a rounded fruit quality and a long, rich finish.
    • Their Butter Croissant is based on a light, buttery pastry of long French tradition.
    • Tatars and Russians also subscribe to the same school of hospitality, centring around the samovar and large arrays of buttery pastries.
    • A cobbler is not unlike a pie, but with a very thick layer - or individual blobs - of buttery sweet pastry on top of the fruit.
    • Rich and buttery without being heavy, this fresh-tasting dish is good any time of year.
    • They have a pale gold creamy colour, buttery flavour and fine-grained texture.
    • The pecan tastes most strongly of the actual nut, and is a marvellously rich, buttery paste.
    • The honeyed fila pastries and buttery nut cookies compose a separate late afternoon meal accompanied by thick Greek coffee.
    • His version is a light assembly of intensely sweet, sun-blush tomatoes, chalky goat's cheese and fabulous olives, just suspended in short, buttery pastry of admirable crumbliness.
    • Let's face it, buttery puff pastry either needs to be warm to entice me, or feather-light crisp.
    • Rich and buttery scones are accompanied by fancy tiny tea sandwiches.
    • I make little tarts with a nice buttery pastry whipped up in the food processor.
    • Let me confess at this point to a fatal prior weakness for tarts made with proper, homemade, buttery pastry.
    • We would stagger down from the Rue Oberkampf and collapse on the lawns of the Place des Vosges, letting the buttery pastry melt into our veins.
    • Who can resist the flinty crispness of baked pecans, suspended in a maple-goo inside short, buttery pastry?
    • Creamy Brie, buttery croissants, indulgent pastries are just part of the French paradox.
    • Because cream, butter, cheese, fatty meat and buttery pastries stimulate the liver to manufacture LDL, keep your intake of saturated animal fats low.
    • I knew it was a compliment about something that was buttery rich, deliciously opulent and lip-smacking cool.
    • The light, buttery pastry would be perfect for a hot fruit filling.
    • I mean this is already my favorite type of pastry - buttery, ‘short,’ fruity - and the rhubarb gave it a nice tartness.