Translation of bygone in Spanish:


de antaño, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪˌɡɔn//ˈbʌɪɡɒn/



  • 1

    (days/era/age) de antaño literary
    (age/era/days) pasado
    • He spoke about how certain people are heroes but they are all bygone.
    • Looking back, I suppose it was a relic from a bygone age even then.
    • There are plenty of houses and churches where you can soak up the carefully arranged atmosphere of bygone Bloomsbury.
    • It has lent its support to Keighley Bus Museum's search for a permanent site to house its collection of bygone buses.
    • The poet also dreams nostalgically of bygone years and of lost childhood.
    • And is it really the business of government to prop up the ancient memorials of a bygone era?
    • The atmosphere of Strawberry Hill is one of gracious hospitality - again somehow it speaks of a bygone age.
    • I see something of several male friends from those bygone days and they too report that they never hear from their old girlfriends.
    • The Street administration portrays the mounted unit as a relic of a bygone era.
    • Tourists would marvel at the elegant ingenuity of a bygone age.
    • The Colonel is a self-fashioned sleuth who seems to belong to a bygone era.
    • It is one of the most stunning buildings in the Clyde Valley and clearly belongs to a bygone age of sumptuous extravagance.
    • They represent bygone ages and social changes that occurred round the world.
    • Moreover, English class society of a bygone era seems a relatively easy target.
    • Now the houses of these bygone families have become a focus for visiting tourists and history buffs.
    • The traditions and proceedings of the Commons are largely derived from a bygone age and none more so than it's adversarial nature.
    • The book contains many photographs of bygone times and also includes former electric tramways in the area.
    • Yes, this is a faux period piece, with extravagant costumes and peachy Technicolor colours from bygone movies.
    • So once again Europe was simply recalling the glories of the ancient bygone age on behalf of the natives.
    • The steam locomotive evokes nostalgic memories of a bygone era with its glory and old age charm.