Translation of cabin cruiser in Spanish:

cabin cruiser

yate de motor, n.


  • 1

    yate de motor masculine
    • And by far the best way to enjoy it is to hire a cabin cruiser and chart a course along its winding length.
    • It was no cabin cruiser, but with the rudder salvaged from the Minnow, and a mast and sail added, the boat should be navigable.
    • The pair were rescued 28 miles from Port Gregory on Tuesday April 15 after their cabin cruiser drifted off to sea.
    • On the surface, above the boat, the cabin cruiser sat at anchor.
    • He said it has taken the boatbuilders six weeks to careful construct the cabin cruiser and two weeks for the speed boat and fishing boat and they were in the process of just adding the final touches.
    • From the perspective of the mentees, there is something demeaning about hitching their boat to an elegant cabin cruiser and being towed along in its wake.
    • Once below the rocky shoreline, the reef is a sand and silt bank down to the perimeter of the buoyed-off area, broken by training platforms, old anchors and the remains of a small wooden cabin cruiser.
    • Further behind me, a cabin cruiser was steaming to dock in Hamilton for the night.
    • Manda turned her head toward the voice, and saw Jackie steering a cabin cruiser.
    • We reached the River Ouse and York University's boathouse and saw a cabin cruiser or two and swans.
    • The boat was a small cabin cruiser with an inboard motor.
    • Between Saintes and Cognac there are many ways to work up an appetite, navigating your own cabin cruiser up the Charente river, cycling along its tow paths or hiking the maze of country lanes between the two towns.
    • I wanted some company while I fixed up an old cabin cruiser I'd bought.
    • The cabin cruiser has been detained in dry dock as police and coastguard officials continue their investigation.
    • On the lawn outside is an installation of decrepit bits of revolutionary kit, skips and bulldozers turned into tanks, a blitzkreig baker's van and a cabin cruiser incongruously kept in a glass box.
    • As I surveyed the waterfront, a cabin cruiser pulled up and deposited a large Indian man with gleaming teeth before pulling away again.
    • I had a recent pleasant reminder of this two days ago when we took a friend on a short trip up the River Cam in a cabin cruiser.
    • Terry decided to highlight the resemblance to a stateroom on a 1930s wood cabin cruiser.
    • One of Scotland's leading businessmen has told how he was seconds from death after a fire engulfed his luxury cabin cruiser while he slept.
    • We almost thought both of you were dead when we found Jackie's cabin cruiser.