Translation of cable in Spanish:


cable, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkeɪb(ə)l//ˈkeɪbəl/


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    Electricity Nautical
    cable masculine
    • Power bosses have agreed to replace underground electricity cables to help improve poor supply following a spate of power cuts in Westhoughton.
    • During the accident the van left the road and hit a pole carrying electricity and telephone cables, causing wires to drape in the road.
    • Preparations were directed towards breaking the cable instead of attempting to weigh anchor which was considered a more risky evolution in the conditions.
    • They argued that the occupation posed safety risks to the squatters as the property was fenced in by a power line and electric cables and there was an petroleum pipe underground.
    • Except for the thick camera cables on the floor and the lighting gantries where the roof should be.
    • It appears that separate cables convey electrical signals to and from the antenna.
    • Installation of underground electricity cables is 97 percent complete but a change of plans is causing a delay to the final completion of the project.
    • The pricier cable was better insulated, resulting in less signal loss.
    • Their task was to cut the cables anchoring a boom and antishipping net stretched across the river directly under the machine guns and cannons in a fort overlooking the river.
    • This is one of the three wires in an electrical cable that protects a circuit from overloading.
    • On September 25 signals from the seamount ceased when a transmission cable that carried the signals to land was cut by a deep-sea trawler.
    • A device is disclosed for stripping the insulation or dielectric housing from a cable or wire.
    • We still await a decision on the sensitive issue of the on-site over-head high voltage electricity cables.
    • There are two different, fundamental ways that an audio cable can change the signal.
    • She still reached her convoy rendezvous in Loch Ewe on time, but while waiting for sailing orders lost her starboard anchor when the cable snapped.
    • The report found that electricity companies said underground cables failed less but took far longer to find and repair than overhead faults.
    • It was a good team effort with one man only missing out by metres before the second diver found the cable and eventually the anchor.
    • In a spray of sparks he yanked the cable out, the transmitter signal died.
    • This involves the fitting of switches and sockets and connecting the cables to the electricity supply.
    • But the boat's anchor cable broke in the storm and the boat began drifting in high seas.
    • More than 25,000 metres of telecommunications and signalling cables were also installed.
    • They are arranged in bundles called optical cables and used to transmit light signals over long distances.
    • She was missed, of course, and at first the Coastguardmen surmised that she had either dragged her anchor or parted her cable some time during the night, and had been blown out to sea.
    • The Radio Frequency signal will suffer a loss of amplitude as the signal travels along the cable.
    • The plaintiffs manufactured stainless steel alloys at a factory which was directly supplied with electricity by a cable from a power station.
    • This was also the initiation of underground electricity cables in Sligo town.
    • The bowsprit was a long, graceful lance, reaching out above his head, but the anchor cable plunged into the water beside him, and he laid a hand on the thick hawser.
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    cable masculine
    telegrama masculine
    to receive/send a cable recibir/enviar un cable / telegrama
    • No one with any sense ever supposed that telephone calls or telegrams or cables were private.
    • And after three or four days I sent a cable to Athens that I wouldn't be able to speak at the University of Athens.
    • Before leaving he sent a cable to Hawthorne.
    • He sent a cable to this effect to Washington, which he still retains.
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transitive verb


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    (message/news) cablegrafiar
    (news/message) telegrafiar
    to cable sb telegrafiarle a algn
    • I'll cable New York for money enviaré un cable / telegrafiaré a Nueva York pidiendo dinero
    • she cabled me $2,000 me envió un giro (telegráfico) de 2.000 dólares
    • How could Uncle Roger meet him if he cabled us from New York?
    • I told Cam I would cable him from the ship to let him know when it arrived.
    • The day he figured out the recipe, more than a year later, he cabled the news to his father, who had the dish recreated for Brady.
    • There wasn't time to write so Matt had cabled Sarah that he was coming home.
    • When she arrived in Wales 10 days later she cabled a message to her husband, ‘Saved Alone’.
    • Patrick had slipped next door and got their groom to cable him with an urgent message to pick Master Adam up at the station as he was returning earlier than planned.
    • It was for this reason that Churchill and Roosevelt, while they were together at the Placentia Bay conference, cabled Stalin to suggest the Three-Power conference.
    • However, he cabled a message to the Vice-Admiral inquiring his views of the possibility of rushing the Dardanelles.
    • When her father cabled her with a whole dollar to support this adventure, she returned to America to study psychology at Berkeley.
    • He refused and cabled him that a big butcher's bill was not necessarily evidence of good tactics.
    • The UK government cabled NZ asking for increased production of wool and all food stuffs for which they were prepared to pay ‘good prices’.
    • But before the war was quite over Shell cabled me, ‘Can you possibly get released?’
    • It had been two weeks and Cameron had been able to cable his family when he'd made port to tell them that he was fine.
    • The next day, the operations official cabled an overseas officer seeking concurrence with the idea of sending Wilson, the report said.
    • At eight o'clock on Monday evening Nicholas was cabled a warning that only a handful of his troops remained loyal.
    • In May of that year, he cabled the UN secretary-general to plead for a postponement of the vote until the political freedoms and human rights situation improved - he was told no.
    • On October 22nd, the commissar for the western front cabled a message to him that said: ‘There is nothing left but to give up.’
    • I wish to cable an urgent telegram to the President.