Translation of cabover in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkæbˌoʊvər//ˈkabəʊvə/



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    camión que tiene la cabina directamente sobre el motor
    • U.S. market for cabovers had shrunk to 3 percent or less of domestic Class 8 sales, from 40 percent in 1982.
    • The electronic revolution has solved several little bugs often associated with cabovers.
    • Where cabovers score with maneuverability, they pose more of a challenge to driver access.
    • He, likewise, had some misgivings about cabovers, as did some members of the mechanical crew.
    • The new cabover, Model 220, will be offered initially in Class 7 configurations and limited to 100 units.
    • Wide afterplanes, pickleforks, and cabovers were all ideas that he had been exploring for over a decade.
    • This could be one of their last cabovers, as this was the only one seen at their yard that day.
    • For a while nearly every fleet operation in the country ran cabovers, for economic reasons.
    • My optimism was raised one more time when the company introduced its cabover in the late 1990s.
    • My impression of the European truck market is that they basically build all cabovers and they are really focused on aerodynamics.
    • So, again this supports my claim of cabovers disappearing due to stupidity.
    • The truck comes to a stop next to one of the cabovers with a 40 foot exterior post van.