Translation of cache in Spanish:


alijo, n.

Pronunciation: /kæʃ//kaʃ/


  • 1

    (of provisions)
    alijo masculine
    arms cache alijo de armas
    • The convenient answer was that it only worked on large caches of gold.
    • In addition to the arrests, caches of arms have also been seized.
    • One officer was injured, and police recovered a large cache of arms from the rebels, the official said.
    • To replace them, the epidermis relies on a cache of stem cells stored near the epidermal-dermal border.
    • The press, initially lulled into thinking collectively that some hidden cache of wonder lay beneath the claims, has finally recognized it has been conned.
    • It was armed with a cache of stuffed animals and sparkles with the intent of staging a mock siege of the fenced-in leaders.
    • No cache of arms has been found, no plans for future malevolence.
    • They discovered and blew up arms caches in place.
    • I think there must be caches of arms, and there must be people that have been out there planning for this for some time.
    • A cache of arms was found at the gate but it lay unused and abandoned after the guards fled.
    • On these photos are bright spots - they call them ‘flashes’ - that are supposed to represent huge caches of gold.
    • The pro-democracy groups took to firebombings, and arms caches were found.
    • Why can't they control the enormous caches of captured arms around the country?
    • Yes, since it can't find either small coin caches or large buried treasures, it performs equally well for each task.
    • Tales of lost caches of Spanish gold and silver abounded in the area as fishermen, who could have gathered a share of the sea's bounty and buried it, met death prematurely at sea without sharing their secret with relatives or friends.
    • Birds with a history of stealing other birds' food stores, or caches, were particularly careful to create their own cache in privacy - the thief recognizes his food could be stolen in the future.
    • What's more, the house had a cache of hidden rooms from which one could access ever-grander aspects of it, including a movie theater.
    • Perhaps you are expected to have a hidden cache of gold when you come to the country, but I assume you do not.
    • In addition to the town structures, outlying areas contain arms caches, mine fields and even a mass grave site.
    • The stakes are raised when they find a suspicious cache of gold.
  • 2

    cache masculine
    • Still, there are ways of squeezing more performance out of a disk drive with a larger cache memory.
    • The cache transmits the address of the cache block as a write transaction on an interface to the cache, and the cache captures the address from the interface and reads the cache block from the cache memory in response to the address.
    • To date, chip designers have focused on connecting processors to cache memory to counter the latency of the system bus.
    • A similar argument can be applied to copies in the cache memory of computers.
    • It is also the amount of cache memory rather than the memory bandwidth that determines the speed of the system in popular games.