Translation of cad in Spanish:


bellaco, n.

Pronunciation: /kad//kæd/


  • 1dated, informal

    bellaco masculine humorous Archaic
    canalla masculine humorous Archaic
    sinvergüenza masculine humorous Archaic
    • Though a nice boy, he acts like a cad when he next meets her.
    • He knew, deeply, that in keeping his true identity from her, he had been a cad and a scoundrel, but he had been so eager for her to see him in a positive light.
    • Despite some of the despicable things she's done, we hope she'll find a little transcendence in the world of cads, cowards and creeps that surround her.
    • It is true, however, that relationships between cads and starry-eyed romantics are rarely what they seem.
    • Britain's biggest cads, rogues and evil-doers from the past 1,000 years have been given special recognition by historians.
    • He, true to form, behaves like a cad and leaves her for the gambling tables and his deserved fate.
    • What turns too many of them into uncouth cads on court?
    • For example, I think stable means unchanging or changing slowly, and decent means not a cad or a bounder.
    • He was a cad and a bounder, but not without charm.
    • In short, Diplomacy is not a nice game; to win, it is necessary to behave like a complete cad.
    • I don't respect all who oppose it since a great many of them seem like ninnies or cads.
    • He looked like a schoolboy socialist's dream - the leader of the left whose selfless devotion to democracy exposed his enemies as unprincipled cads.
    • Far from being the lads or cads as often perceived by society, young and teenage fathers are fighting to support their partners during pregnancy and after birth - but are receiving little or no support from the health services.
    • We're beggars and blighters and ne'er-do-well cads.
    • But when asked who appealed to them most for short-term affairs, the women turned to the dark heroes - the handsome, passionate and daring cads.
    • But the possibility of crossing that line does not mean that alcohol is nothing but a trick employed by cads.
    • Often times these men received the titles of cads and rakes and the like.
    • In the afternoon I went to the baths but found the water dirty and full of the most dreadful greasy-haired cads.
    • My post yesterday about bounders and cads provoked a torrent of commentary and email, so I thought I'd share it with everyone.
    • From the novels she appears to be the sort of woman who appreciates gentlemanly behaviour, but then she also seems to like cads.

Translation of CAD in Spanish:


CAD, n.

Pronunciation: /kad//kæd/


  • 1

    CAD masculine
    DAC masculine Latin America
    DAO masculine Spain

    computer-aided design