Translation of cadge in Spanish:


garronearle algo a algn, v.

Pronunciation: /kadʒ//kædʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    garronearle algo a algn River Plate informal
    bolsearle algo a algn Chile informal
    to cadge sth from / off sb gorronearle / gorrearle algo a algn informal
    • can I cadge a lift from you? ¿me llevas?
    • can I cadge a smoke? ¿te puedo gorronear (/ gorrear etc. ) un cigarrillo?

intransitive verb

  • 1

    garronearle a algn River Plate informal
    bolsearle a algn Chile informal
    to cadge from / off sb gorronearle / gorrearle a algn informal
    • He felt awkward and cold stood on the pavement outside the club, dressed as a woman, clutching his three pack of chocolate oranges, as one-by-one the various people he could possibly have cadged a lift from disappeared.
    • Well, for a start, I've only ever been a very occasional smoker - I cadge cigarettes off people when I'm very drunk and then always regret it the next morning when I not only wake up with a thumping hangover, but also with a mouth like an ashtray.
    • Owing money and at a dead-end, she decides to head to Phoenix to cadge some dough from her ex-best friend Lavinia, now an arch-conservative with two children and a husband who knows nothing of her past.
    • She swooped through the now-closed restaurant and cadged a glass of red wine.
    • He and Nolan cadged free rides on trams driven by Nolan's father.
    • I cadged a lift back to the station in Roger's car, which was kind of him.
    • You may be able to cadge a tin of warm water for shaving.
    • They get the chance to cadge a bit of his energy and charisma.
    • At Brunton Park on Tuesday night, the cheeky talisman was taken for a ride around the pitch after cadging a lift in a sponsored car positioned in front of the main stand prior to kick-off.
    • He had cadged the production dollars by promising the producer a two-for-one deal that never came.
    • Tyndrum must be one of the easiest places in Scotland to cadge a ride.
    • The boy used to cadge cigarettes from Taylor but they lost touch only to run into each other more than a year later when the victim was aged 15-years-old.
    • But first I cadged for myself two thick and hefty wood-chopping sections of beautifully grained cypress; what a difference that makes in the firewood chopping ritual!
    • The next morning he called a friend, told him what had happened, and cadged a lift into the city centre to sign on, the court heard.
    • I don't remember how I got there, but I suppose I must have cadged a lift from someone.
    • So they cadged meetings with 86 luminaries, successful leaders in an eclectic array of professions.
    • People started to cadge invitations to see our au pair, and across the nation we British were briefly seized by the same deeply embarrassing tropical madness.
    • The latter may in fact end up in the back garden, joining one we intend to transplant from the front, and another that we've cadged from a neighbour.
    • It only took six days to run out of money, and then everyone got together and cadged money off relatives to continue the shoot.
    • This is a preamble to confessing that, like Jackie, I cadged a few puffs of a fat Cuban on Christmas Day.