Translation of cakehole in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkeɪkhoʊl//ˈkeɪkhəʊl/



  • 1

    shut your cakehole ¡cierra el pico! informal
    • It's a rare occasion that I can consciously recall getting up, lugging my bod into the shower, shoveling some toast in my cakehole and lumbering, fresh-faced, out the door.
    • And if any of you has just cause as to why we should not name these songs, please clamp your cakehole shut.
    • He's got a huge cakehole that needs stuffing.
    • Every once in a long while, he actually shuts his cakehole.
    • Every flavourless morsel of sandwich, every last disgusting splodge of bitter, vinegary BBQ gunk, they disappeared down my cakehole as if they were spiced sugar plums.
    • A stream of expletives comes out of his cakehole about how much I scared him, and how I need to watch my line.