There are 2 main translations of call in Spanish

: call1CALL2


llamada, n.

Pronunciation /kɔːl//kɔl/


  • 1

    (by telephone)
    llamada feminine
    llamado masculine Latin America
    to make a call hacer una llamada (telefónica)
    • to give sb a call llamar a algn (por teléfono)
    • I'll take the call in the other room hablaré desde la otra habitación
    • will you take the call? (accept charges) ¿acepta la llamada?
    • there's a call for you on line one lo llaman / tiene una llamada por la línea uno
    • I have to return his call tengo que devolverle la llamada
    • local/long-distance/international call llamada urbana/interurbana/internacional
    • (in US) an 800 call una llamada gratuita
  • 2

    • 2.1(of person)

      (cry) llamada feminine
      (cry) llamado masculine Latin America
      (shout) grito masculine
      a call for help una llamada (or un grito etc.) de socorro
      • didn't you hear my call? ¿no oíste que te llamé?
      • Everyone else was already in there and he was greeted with loud calls and hellos as he entered the dressing room.
      • Suddenly, the once somber and silent pressroom erupted in a cacophony of calls vying for the president's attention.
      • My feet abruptly started walking faster after I heard Yori's call.
      • I heard her muffled call from the car.
      • She ignored anybody else on the street, not paying attention to the calls she was getting.
      • The woman ran as the guys chased after her, yelling wild calls.
      • They were yelling, their calls reverberating down the hall.
      • I had just about made it out the door when a call from behind me drew my attention.
      • Rescue workers moved in, picking over debris and listening for calls for help.
      • Mary went to her pew and sat silently, listening to the calls and yells of the other kids going home outside.

    • 2.2

      (of animal) grito masculine
      (of bird) reclamo masculine

    • 2.3(of bugle, trumpet, horn)

      toque masculine
      the call to retreat la retreta
      • The bugle call sounded at retreat was first used in the French Army and dates back to the crusades.
      • His greatest music was made at a time of optimism in America, when the roar of the plains and the dissonant buzz of the cities still felt like the bugle calls of the new frontier.
      • Toward the end of one song, David Johnson busted out a cavalry call on the trumpet.
      • Like any ex-civilian, raw recruit Elvis Presley, the king of rock 'n' roll will be keeping time to ordinary bugle calls.
      • Performing the poignant trumpet call is the 92-year-old's way of honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for Queen and country.

  • 3

    • 3.1(summons)

      the call of duty/to arms el llamado del deber/a las armas Latin America
      • his hospitality went far beyond the call of duty fue por demás hospitalario
      • to answer / obey the call of nature hacer sus (or mis etc.) necesidades

    • 3.2

      the call to the priesthood el llamado al sacerdocio Latin America
      • (in Presbyterian Church etc) to receive a call ser nombrado pastor

    • 3.3

      it's your call le toca salir a escena

    • 3.4(lure)

      llamada feminine
      atracción feminine

  • 4

    llamamiento masculine
    llamado masculine Latin America
    he made a call for peace hizo un llamado a la paz Latin America
    • the strike call el llamado a la huelga
    • there were calls for his resignation pidieron su dimisión
    • call for papers convocatoria de ponencias
  • 5

    there are too many calls on my time tengo demasiadas obligaciones
  • 6

    • 6.1(reason)

      motivo masculine
      he had no call to be rude no tenía por qué ser grosero

    • 6.2(demand)

      demanda feminine
      there's no / not much call for this product no hay mucha demanda para este producto

  • 7

    visita feminine
    to pay a call on sb ir a ver a algn
    • house calls visitas a domicilio
    • to pay a call ir al baño
  • 8

    • 8.1Sport

      decisión feminine
      cobro masculine Chile

    • 8.2(in bridge)

      declaración feminine
      to make one's call declarar
      • whose call is it? ¿a quién le toca declarar?
      • In some schedules a solo is worth more if you bid it over a previous call of misère or piek.
      • Five and six are no longer available, as this player has already used all his opportunities for these calls.
      • Each player is allowed a maximum of three calls per game.
      • Then betting commences with raises, calls and folds as usual.
      • Since each call adds two cards to a player's hand, you can check how many calls you have made by counting the cards in your hand.

    • 8.3US (in horse racing)

      comentario masculine

  • 9

    (on shares)
    dividendo pasivo masculine
    on / at call a la vista

There are 2 main translations of call in Spanish

: call1CALL2



  • 1

    • computer-assisted learning
    • computer-aided learning

transitive verb

  • 1

    to call sb's name llamar a algn
    • didn't you hear us calling you? ¿no oíste que te estábamos llamando?
    • to call the roll / register pasar lista
    • he calls the numbers at bingo canta los números en el bingo
    • to call time anunciar la hora de cerrar
    • (tennis) the ball was called in/out declararon buena/mala la pelota
    • Another very old man was heard, calling the young boy back.
    • I turned around and ran, but stopped on the stairs when he called after me.
    • People with clipboards buzzed among them, calling out names, ticking off lists, leading them inside one by one to consulting rooms.
    • After all, she had managed well enough the previous night, and calling a servant may draw attention to her presence.
    • Rose could hear Laurie calling her, but she didn't turn back.
    • She looked round to catch the bartender's attention, but didn't call him over.
    • He started screaming his head off, calling out horrible words.
    • Suddenly, a voice was calling out to him, coming from below.
    • The old gal called me over to the director's chair they always had for her on the set.
    • I made out the voice of the PA announcer calling out the name of a batter.
    • Kyra smiled and noticed everyone, pointing and waving at her, while calling out words of good luck.
    • She turned to face the ranks behind her and called words she had been waiting to speak for a very long time.
    • Camped in the hills not far from her own house last summer, she even heard her uncle's voice calling out for her.
    • A voice broke through the silence, calling out her name.
    • Estelle drifted off into an uneasy slumber and was awakened sometime during the late night by a low voice calling out to her.
    • Jennifer blew kisses to visiting reporters and called out "hi, hi."
    • You might think I have a lot of nerve calling out this word.
    • The cat heard me call and ran up to me.
    • Madison makes her way out the door, calling goodbye to Robert over her shoulder.
    • One afternoon in 1999, I was dozing when I heard my maternal grandmother calling me.
    • Instead of calling the words, I read them the letter.
    • Looking around into the darkness she could still hear the voice calling out her name.
    • As they were walking, Brooke heard someone calling her, and paused to see who it was.
    • As Natalie and I went into the lobby, we heard someone calling us.
    • There was banging in the background and angry voices calling out her name.
    • We waited in silence and fear for a huge customs agent to call us over.
    • As we followed the hostess to our table, I heard a familiar voice from the kitchen calling out orders.
    • As she started to leave the office, Max called after her.
    • Standing up, I cupped my hands around my mouth, raising my voice before calling out his name.
    • He didn't hear the bright, girlish voice calling out his name again and again until his caller stood right before him.
    • One day I found myself running home from the bus stop, calling out goodbyes to Tracy and Brian.
    • He then scrambled down to the rudder to steer from there, but not before calling out a kind word to the deck below.
    • Rina dropped to her knees and cradled her older sister in her arms, calling out her name in a pained voice.
  • 2

    (police/taxi/doctor) llamar
    he was called to her office lo llamaron para que fuera a su oficina
    • to call a strike/meeting llamar a / convocar una huelga/reunión
  • 3

    (contact by telephone, radio)
    I'll call you tomorrow te llamo / te llamaré mañana
    • for more information call us on / at 341-6920 para más información llame / llámenos al (teléfono) 341-6920
    • call me on my cell phone llámame al móvil
  • 4

    (name, describe as)
    we call her Betty la llamamos Betty
    • what are you going to call the baby? ¿qué nombre le van a poner al bebé?
    • what is this called in Italian? ¿cómo se llama esto en italiano?
    • to call sb names insultar a algn
    • are you calling me a liar? ¿me estás llamando mentiroso?
    • he calls himself an artist, but … se dice / se considera un artista pero …
    • what sort of time do you call this? ¿éstas son horas de llegar?
    • she can hardly be called beautiful no puede decirse que sea bonita
    • how could you call yourself her friend? ¿cómo puedes decir que eres amiga suya?
    • I didn't have anything I could call my own no tenía nada que de verdad fuera mío
    • I don't call that difficult yo no diría que es difícil
    • I call that a waste of time eso es lo que yo llamo una pérdida de tiempo
    • shall we call it $30? digamos / pongamos que treinta dólares
    • Though Rebekah is my name, everybody calls me Bekah.
    • The winning name was provided by John from New Norfolk who suggested calling the bird ‘Reggie’.
    • When my husband and I were first married we had a cat we called Wanda.
    • They called the baby Joseph Patrick and he was christened in the Holy Family Church.
    • Let's analyze the stupidity of your comment to Jack below, where you called him a loser.
    • She and Dennis had talked around the checkout counter and she'd gotten Dennis's last name wrong, calling him Lewis, and it stuck for some reason.
    • The name he calls me is actually not that different from my own.
    • It immediately caught my attention that she had called my mother by her maiden name.
    • The chancellor of the exchequer calls the prime minister a liar.
    • He developed an adorable habit of calling me by my name in every sentence, which was somehow madly endearing.
    • One of my co-workers still calls me the wrong name almost every time he sees me.
    • After being stunned by the spring flowers she saw in the park while she was pregnant, she decided to call her daughter Bluebell.
    • One hasn't bothered to learn my name and just calls me ‘Rooney’.
    • I have no idea what his Christian name was and he called me Master Charles.
    • He almost never calls me by my name, and when he does it's Nicolas.
    • It is a good idea to call people by names they recognise and find acceptable.
    • I heard one girl called her a 'tomboy'.
    • What would Kris think if he'd heard her calling him that?
    • She continues, calling me by my first name again… ‘I have a favour to ask you, but am not sure how you will react.’
    • Well, my name is Katrina Chestler, but everyone calls me Katie.
    • She calls him brother and chastises him for speaking so sternly to her.
    • Daisy, as we called the goat, would hate to be separated from her lambs and it was woe betide any dog that came near them.
    • I never wanted to have that prefix attached to my name and have everyone calling me Sir Edward, so I went to university and became a professor.
    • The angel who appeared to both Mary and Joseph told them to call their son Jesus.
    • Morel gives birth to their third child, whom she calls Paul.
    • The reporter called her a "good-looking, smart, gin-drinking suburbanite."
  • 5

    • 5.1(in poker)

      (bet/player) ver

    • 5.2(in bridge)


intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) llamar
    the dog comes when I call el perro viene cuando (lo) llamo
    • to call to sb
    • she called to me for help/to fetch a cloth me llamó para que la ayudara/para que le llevara un trapo
    • duty calls el deber me llama
  • 2

    (by telephone, radio)
    who's calling, please? ¿de parte de quién, por favor?
    • Madrid calling aquí Madrid
  • 3

    thanks for calling gracias por venir
    • he called while I was out vino / pasó cuando yo no estaba
    • [ S ]please call again gracias por su visita
  • 4

    • 4.1(in poker)


    • 4.2(in bridge)