Translation of camomile tea in Spanish:

camomile tea



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    • Babies and children, who suffer from mild colic and wind, can be given one teaspoon of chamomile tea, with powdered ginger added to taste, as frequent as necessary.
    • But I'm going to paint a picture for a friend, and plant some winter lettuces, and make a cup of chamomile tea, to drink on the doorstep in the last of the afternoon sun, while the cicadas sing around me.
    • Babies can also be given cooled weak chamomile tea in a bottle, or the tea can be added directly to the bath.
    • ‘Pediatricians recommend everything from Benadryl to hypnotics to chamomile tea,’ she says.
    • Travis followed me into my house and into my kitchen where my mum sat in her cream dressing gown, looking like a drag queen on crack, she was sipping some tea - it was camomile tea, I could smell it.
    • If you slip up and have a spicy or fatty dinner, or you feel the effects of a spicy or fatty lunch, have a cup of chamomile tea an hour before bedtime, suggests Cain.
    • Everyone knows that chamomile tea can be used to induce sleep.
    • Mother laments dramatically this morning in between slurps of her chamomile tea, while glaring at my head, and nervously fingering the choker of pearls around her neck.
    • They consumed a wide variety of beverages, both the exotic, such as chamomile tea, and the dangerous, such as unfiltered tap water.
    • To make your chamomile tea, unless otherwise directed on the packet, brew as you would conventional tea, infusing herbal tea bags for three minutes or steeping the dried or fresh herbs in a teapot.
    • You can mix peppermint with chamomile tea, which also is anti-inflammatory and has slight sedative qualities that may help relax a child in pain.
    • One of the hottest hot drinks at the Inn at Lost Creek in Telluride is the Chamomile Cure: chamomile tea, lemon and Berenjager, a honey liqueur.
    • I went to bed at 11 pm with chamomile tea and listened to Radio 4.
    • If I had CTS, I'd drink several cups of chamomile tea a day.
    • Among the findings were significant increases in two substances, glycine and hippurate, after study participants drank chamomile tea.
    • Swapping a mug of camomile tea for tea or coffee after dinner helps to improve the quality and quantity of our slumber.
    • After dinner she never served coffee, just chamomile tea.
    • I propped the sun room doors open to let some fresh air in, and made some chamomile tea with which I misted the sun room plants on the patio (using my new sprayer, which is great) as a tonic and to deter the mould.
    • She would call for me at all hours, asking me to fetch her a cool compress for her aching head, a pillow to prop her sore feet up with, and a cup of chamomile tea to soothe her throbbing throat.
    • I didn't sleep much last night, and I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight without any kind of sedatives, except maybe chamomile tea.