Translation of camping in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkampɪŋ//ˈkæmpɪŋ/


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    I like camping me gusta ir de camping / de campamento / de acampada
    • [ S ]no camping prohibido acampar
    • Before Dean enters treatment, he and Terry head off for a camping trip in the mountains.
    • Weekend tickets with free camping cost £105.
    • She had been away on camping holidays with her family, but she had not stayed before in a hotel.
    • Bears in Yosemite regularly damage cars, trailers, tents and camping equipment, while searching for more vittles.
    • In the summer of 1966 I found myself on a little camping expedition with Agnes and Thalia Poons in Haverstraw, New York.
    • To me, camping conjures up images of that saucy scene in the Carry On movie when Babs Windsor bursts embarrassingly out of her bikini top while doing chest expansion exercises.
    • But no headphones, CD players, or other personal tune-out devices are allowed on the camping trips.
    • They decide to take a group of repeat juvenile offenders on a camping trip, with both funny and touching results.
    • A group of young, inexperienced Boy Scouts wanted to go CAMPING!
    • Bring your own water when you go camping or hiking, instead of drinking from sources like mountain streams.
    • Traditionally, the company does less well in the first six months, given that camping tends to be a summertime pursuit.
    • The laundry opens into the garage so wet camping gear and clothing can be brought directly into the house.
    • There are excellent caravan and camping sites with pools, bars shops, and restaurants, ideal for children.
    • Sarah, it seemed, was a bit worried about the camping.
    • Clean your boots and camping gear before setting out for other regions or countries, and again before returning home.
    • Following a few years of respectable earnings increases, the holiday firm admitted in April that it had experienced a shortfall in camping bookings.
    • Camping may not be as uncomfortable as it used to be, but you have to admire the people who pack up and pitch a tent in Wales.
    • Kraemer was packing the car for a camping trip with his daughter.
    • When we went camping, Deirdre never wanted to be far from a real toilet and real showers.