Translation of campus in Spanish:


campus, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkampəs//ˈkæmpəs/

nounPlural campuses

  • 1

    campus masculine
    to live on campus vivir en el campus / dentro del recinto universitario
    • Students at Brunel University which has campuses in St Margrets and Isleworth return to studies next week.
    • Prof Baker has not been on campus at the university for more than two weeks.
    • Yet at the time of writing, students are demonstrating on the campus of my old university.
    • Support groups are cropping up in high schools, college and university campuses across both countries.
    • Palmer regularly visits university campuses to lead workshops on teaching and learning.
    • University campuses are always some of the most interesting places from which to view a shifting world.
    • It has excellent sporting facilities, college and university campuses and a wide diversity of people and businesses.
    • On the university campuses of northern Beijing, students slammed down their books and rushed outside.
    • An elegant bridge would link the university and college campus to the city centre.
    • The posters were plastered up across the principal campuses of three major universities.
    • Most university campuses can boast buildings that architects would put in the category of good design.
    • University campuses became the rendezvous of students' organizations.
    • I mean many of those similar research reactors are in the middle of university campuses in other places in the world.
    • Coincidentally enough, the new university campuses are all situated near military bases.
    • The depth of the cuts in higher education have prompted protests from those on college campuses.
    • The library was a commanding central presence on the campuses of the new universities built in the 1960s and 1970s.
    • This will further widen the gulf between the haves and have-nots on campus and after graduation.
    • Heavy episodic drinking on college and university campuses is a widespread phenomenon.
    • Her song Bootay Deluxe is a big hit on American university campuses and nightclubs.
    • Some 8,000 delegates are packed into two university campuses around the city.