Translation of cancer stick in Spanish:

cancer stick

pitillo, n.


informal, humorous

  • 1

    pitillo masculine informal
    pucho masculine Latin America informal
    • Darrel pulled out a cigarette out of his jacket pocket and lit it, blowing the smoke from the cancer stick right into her face.
    • I walked over to Ashton, and narrowed my eyes when I saw the cancer stick in his hand.
    • His thick eyebrows were concentrated on the cigarette smoke as he puffed the cancer stick.
    • Pulling the cancer stick from his mouth and holding it at his side Jeff sighed sadly.
    • Hordes of other beautiful people nip between the trendy boutiques, or crowd into sidewalk cafes, and sip skinny lattes between long puffs on cancer sticks.
    • I went back to the study, snapped on the computer, took a deep gulp of a mug of fresh hot coffee, and lit another of the cancer sticks.
    • This is definitely the last time I will smoke another one of these cancer sticks.
    • His hands were clad in fingerless gloves, and as he stood he reached one into his pants pocket, pulling out a nondescript pack of cigarettes and selecting one of the cancer sticks from it.
    • Admittedly I do miss it, but I value my life more than a cancer stick.
    • I watch with intense fascination as he slowly lights the cancer stick and brings it to his mouth to take a puff.
    • I once gave up for two years before starting again, so I know how hard it is to keep off the cancer sticks.
    • She drew hard on the cancer stick to quell the need to hyperventilate.
    • How many people do you know who've switched brands for any reason other than all the shops near them stopping selling their cancer stick of choice?
    • Bollywood's ‘good’ men are finally taking their public image seriously and dropping the cancer stick every time they see anyone catching them on camera.
    • He placed the cancer stick between his lips again, inhaling and then exhaling a cloud of thick smoke.
    • He threw the cancer stick at the ground, crushing it with his feet, never losing eye contact with the brunette.
    • Soon the smoke that lazily trailed from the glowing end of the cancer stick filled the entire elevator.
    • I turned and started walking away, but she stomped on her cancer stick and followed me.
    • You know, having a child in the house is doing wonders for my New Year's Resolution to quit these cancer sticks.
    • I must admit that it is really hard, and I have almost been on the verge of putting one of the lovely little cancer sticks to my lips and light up.