Translation of cantilever in Spanish:


viga voladiza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkæn(t)lˌivər//ˈkæn(t)lˌɛvər//ˈkantɪliːvə/


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    viga voladiza feminine
    before noun cantilever brake freno cantilever masculine
    • But the famous cantilevers allows the Forth Bridge to support the weight of the trains.
    • Canopies are supported on steel cantilevers from monolithic black concrete piers, so from river to warehouse (south-north), the structure seems almost solid.
    • The geometry of the cantilever construction was controlled primarily by applying a high degree of precision and maintaining very close tolerances on the prefabricated components used on the main span.
    • Such signals can be located on a mast, bridge, or cantilever structure and in some rare cases in a dwarf signal.
    • The photograph on the attractive booklet provides no supporting evidence however, displaying as it does an image of cloudy blue sky seen through the cantilever of a bridge.
    • Right up there, on the very summit of one of the three great double cantilevers of the Forth Bridge, I looked north to the sweep of the Lomond Hills and south to Arthur's Seat.
    • Six workers were killed and another injured when part of a balanced cantilever of an overpass under construction along the express road leading to the Yuankang fishing port in Hsiping, Miaoli County collapsed.
    • Most long-span cable-stayed bridges have tie-downs on just one side of the cantilever.
    • There is a specific and much researched way to go about constructing the base, extensions, and cantilevers of any and every scaffold.
    • Primary steel was erected on 360 tons of falsework and in a certain order because of construction loading constraints and cantilevers.
    • The cantilevers of Lean's bridge were similar to what the Japanese used on the real River Kwai.
    • Theater patrons can also expect a stunning view, as the new facility's lobby will project out to near the edge of the bluffs in a bridge-like cantilever over the park.
    • Those who do know her work, however, will associate the 47-year-old most with her studies of the curves and cantilevers of the Forth Bridge over 20 years, which have been the subject of an acclaimed installation at the Talbot Rice Gallery.
    • The tip deflection of the longest cantilever was some 3 in., says Dave Budzius, project manager for steel erector Danny's Construction Co.