Translation of caparison in Spanish:


gualdrapa, n.

Pronunciation: /kəˈparɪs(ə)n//kəˈpɛrəsən/



  • 1

    (for horse)
    gualdrapa feminine
    (masculine or feminine) caparazón
    • Gros specialized in battle scenes, rendering with eclat the uniforms of the officers and the caparisons of the horses.
    • Financial constraints came in the way of the project and the king sold elephant accoutrements, mainly caparisons which belonged to the Poornathrayeesa Temple, to fund the project.
    • Additional corroboration of the French style of the embroidery - both on the King's Bed and on the suit - derives from its close similarity with that of the horse caparisons and saddles given by Louis XIV to Charles XI of Sweden in 1673.
    • After considering various business proposals, Rajiv Nair settled for selling ‘chamayams’ or caparisons - those decorative pieces that adorn the forehead of elephants during festivals.
    • The draperies were, frankly, an orange-coloured man-made fibre rather than caparisons of royal purple silk.

transitive verb


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    to be caparisoned in / with sth estar engualdrapado con / de algo