Translation of capital market in Spanish:

capital market

mercado de capitales, n.



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    mercado de capitales masculine
    • Such market failure presents a formidable barrier to accessing capital markets for finance.
    • This would restore its creditworthiness and access to new commercial credit lines and the capital market.
    • At the very least, hedge funds make capital markets more interesting and offer bears a home for their pessimism.
    • This can be made to apply to the capital market as well as to the money market.
    • Operators with sound financial position are able to raise funds through the capital market by issuing debentures.
    • It would also be free to raise finance on the capital markets for its investment programme.
    • The allocation of credit is nowhere left entirely to private capital markets, for good reasons.
    • The U.S. experienced a surge of foreign investment into its capital markets.
    • He said the bonds would not only increase the loan portfolio to the investors in Zambia but also increase trading activities on the capital market.
    • Since illegal insider trading takes advantage not of skill but chance, it threatens investor confidence in the capital market.
    • War is the alternative to freedom of foreign investment as realized by the international capital market.
    • The capital market needs a present value greater than zero.
    • The problem is compounded for Eastern Europe with its weak central banks and underdeveloped capital markets.
    • There is much to be said for companies that raise investment funds in the capital markets.
    • He was credited with having pioneered many financial innovations in the capital markets.
    • Following the U.S. dollar system, a euro-denominated capital market will be the next target of development.
    • In turn, these cash-starved companies are forced to look to the capital markets for financing.
    • The removal of the barriers to free movement of capital should make the capital market more efficient, and this should in turn stimulate investment.
    • The nation also has further to go to convince investors that its capital markets will remain open if things get dicey.
    • A stable stock market without a speculative climate is conducive to a larger long term investment in the capital market.