Translation of capitalize in Spanish:


capitalizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkæpədlˌaɪz//ˈkapɪt(ə)lʌɪz/

transitive verb

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    • Some may also remember the way in which so many people in my generation and earlier were only able to afford to buy their first home because they could capitalise the family benefit for a deposit.
    • Weersink et al. develop a PV model to examine the extent to which agricultural support programs have been capitalized into farmland prices.
    • At the end of the year depreciation on manufacturing fixed assets was treated as an overhead cost, capitalised and included in the carrying value of closing stock and carried forward to the next year.
    • The ‘full cost’ method was more liberal in capitalizing and amortizing the costs of all drilling, thus typically yielding a smoother series of income numbers.
    • Holt Value Associates began capitalizing research and development costs and treating them as a depreciating asset in its cash flow ROI analyses earlier this year.
    • He complained that the Government had responded to attempts at an amicable settlement of the conflict with an attack, and had started capitalising Nova Plama assets.
    • While the first route - expensing rather than capitalizing expenditures - is more straightforward, the savings it can produce aren't always obvious or easy to defend.
    • Without any land-value tax, even if there were no speculative premium on the price of land, the difference in productivity between the best land and marginal land would be capitalized into a nonzero price.
    • Wale reported that in the British companies that she had studied, capitalising original assets and charging all subsequent costs to expense was the dominant practice.
    • The write-downs were made all the greater because of the company's policy in previous years of treating start-up losses in these businesses as ‘assets’ and therefore capitalising them in the balance sheet.
    • While most companies write off marketing expenditure, for example, some capitalise this as an asset in the balance sheet for several years while they are building their business.
    • As I noted briefly, it generally is an accepted accounting practice to capitalize assets.
    • The ‘expectation raised by material progress’ is fully capitalized in land prices from the beginning of time.
    • If you're planning to go into a family firm, work for the government or as a solo practitioner, and/or are over forty, capitalizing the extra costs of a private school becomes more of a problem.
    • To capitalize the income stream without considering the repayment of corporate debt, but then to assume that repayment when doing a residual value of the company, artificially increased the value of the income stream.
    • If the costs are to be capitalized, then the next issue is to determine the asset's determinable useful life, if any.
    • Under existing law, taxpayers can elect to treat certain eligible environmental remediation expenditures, that would otherwise be capitalized, as deductible in the year paid or incurred.
    • During the pre-acquisition stage, only those costs that are directly identifiable to the asset are capitalized.
    • Might more intrinsic farm factors, less under the control of the current farm manager but perhaps not fully capitalized into asset values, be a more important determinant of profit differences among farms?
    • To what extent should advertising expenditure be capitalized and recognized as an asset in a company's balance sheet?
    • They all generate an income, which can be capitalised to increase the value of your investment.
    • Over the last nine-month period, €9 million of the €20 million reduction in operating cost was due to capitalising additional labour costs.
    • One adjustment is to capitalize R&D expenditures and amortize them over five years instead of expensing these investments in the year they are made.
    • In the case of AOL, marketing costs were capitalised for years - a highly liberal and unusual accounting practice.
    • In this connection ‘fund’, I take it, ordinarily means money set aside and invested, the surplus income therefrom being capitalised.
    • When a liability is initially recorded, the entity capitalizes a cost by increasing the carrying amount of the related long-lived asset.
    • The reason for investing in such funds was to provide for a regular tax-free income that can be capitalised or used as well as the promise that their capital value remains intact.
    • In 1994 and 1995, America Online capitalized some of its customer-acquisition costs - which means that it considered part of those costs assets.
    • On the other hand, it says that they are to be capitalised as preference shares carrying interest at the fixed rate of 6 per cent.
    • When a man buys durable property he capitalizes its net yield or income at a rate which is lower when the general tax burden is high, and higher when the general tax burden is low.
    • In Boston, the Supreme Court of Canada held that it was unfair for a spouse to provide spousal support from pension income that had already been capitalized and equalized between the spouses.
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    imprimir o escribir con mayúsculas
    • There are those who decide to eschew this, though, and capitalize every other letter.
    • He also loves to capitalize words or put them in quotes for no real reason, as in this sentence from his legal disclaimer.
    • Incidentally, the lettering where you capitalise the first letter of almost all the words can be called ‘title case’.
    • And if I may ask, why are people so fascinated with capitalizing every other letter?
    • There is a certain market in English that refuses to capitalize words or use punctuation.
    • The word pandemonium itself means a wild uproar, but as the word is capitalized, its meaning is instead directed at the region associated in Milton's Paradise Lost, where Pandemonium is the capital of Hell.
    • From now on, the computer news source will not capitalise the word Internet.
    • In this chapter I have chosen to capitalize words designating a race or a people.
    • Assuming that the missing-letter effect is diagnostic of the extraction of text structure, we exploited a special feature of German - the convention to capitalize the initial letter of nouns.
    • She spoke as if the first letter of every word were capitalized.
    • We should capitalize the word, as this is how we are taught to refer to God.
    • Instead of capitalizing the first letter, type it in lowercase, as most people type in all lowercase letters when searching.
    • Many of these same words are capitalized even though they are not proper nouns nor the beginning of the sentence.
    • Changing the shape very slightly - and silently - by capitalizing the initial letter, we turn it into something like God or Reason.
    • At that time, there was a typesetter at the American Atheist Center who refused to capitalize any religious words, and no religious words were capitalized in the book.
    • Get in the habit when writing down URLs or e-mail address to underline the letters that may be capitalized.
    • If the letter you wish to capitalise is typed by your left hand, you press the right hand shift with your little finger.
    • You would prefer it if I capitalized the first letter after the colon?
    • The convention to capitalize the first letter of a meaning-laden noun may therefore be particularly useful in aiding structural analysis, allowing easy assignment of some words to their proper grammatical class.
    • If Microsoft Word's spelling checker's autocorrection feature is switched on, it capitalises the word for you.
    • His tone spoke of his importance, he seemed to capitalize every significant word.
    • I hate my stupid Microsoft Word program… it always capitalizes the H in your name… it does that to my words after quotation marks in my story too!
    • Sek could mentally hear her capitalizing the last two words.
    • And for GOD'S sakes, Hilary, capitalize every first letter of every proper noun, like the name of your title ‘Venus’.
    • Words like Celsius are capitalized because they are names of people.
    • Recall that control words were always capitalized correctly regardless of whether they were embedded in normal or in distorted text passages.
    • With a little sleight of hand, I capitalized the word Eclipse there.
    • The present study examined the role of the convention in German to capitalize the initial letters of nouns.
    • I also learned how to correctly identify the beginning of a sentence, target the first word, and capitalize the first letter (make the letter bigger than the rest).
    • I don't capitalize the words because middle westerners don't call that much attention to themselves.
    • I also find it a bit odd that the first letter of a sentence isn't capitalised; why would this be?
    • This is why most of the BAM artists capitalized the word Black when used in reference to African people.
    • However, The Coming Of Bill (the American version) is BIG (see, we capitalised those letters) in India.
    • Since the authors have removed God from origins, humans and from all of nature, one cannot help but wonder if capitalizing the word nature has any religious significance.
    • While any newspaper could set a style to capitalize the word ‘black,’ McIntyre said he doesn't know how much influence it would have outside the newspaper itself.
    • There are two ways to do this: the first is called camelCase, where the first word is lowercase and subsequent words have their first letter capitalized; the second way is by using underscores to separate the words.
    • Note that some words derived from proper nouns have developed a special meaning; these words are no longer capitalized.
    • Proteins are denoted by roman letters and only the first letter is capitalized.
    • I capitalize the word because Miller, in speaking of Jane Austen, does so, calling her the epitome of Style or Austen Style or Absolute Style.
    • The first letter is always capitalized, and the second is in lower case.