Translation of Capricorn in Spanish:


Capricornio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaprɪkɔːn//ˈkæprəˌkɔrn/


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    Capricornio masculine
    capricornio feminine
    capricorniano masculine
    capricorniana feminine
    see also Aquarius
    • Rams, like Capricorns, always know best - for everyone else.
    • Like Christopher Robin's Eeyore, Capricorns adore a worst-case scenario, which brings out their best.
    • And something to start doing that's absolutely necessary Capricorns, is asking for - and then accepting - help when you need it.
    • Existence is just set on getting closer to you, Capricorns.
    • Capricorns get annoyed when things don't work.
    • The Sun then conjoins Saturn in Gemini on Sunday, June 9, raising the awareness of Leos and Capricorns of the need for solid structure in order to move forward.
    • As a Capricorn, you probably think you already have all the answers to this week's cosmic conundrums.
    • Start taking notice of those familiar signals that you're overdoing it, Capricorns: like feeling cranky, exasperated, on overload.
    • Many a Capricorn becomes self-employed, for which they are ideally suited.
    • He tells Capricorns that the ‘laws of karma seem to have been suspended in your vicinity.’
    • Because when it comes to letting go, well, Capricorns often find their little fingers all stiff and cramped from the grip they've had on whatever they should be relinquishing.
    • If you have the misfortune to fall in love with a Capricorn, remember two words: prenuptial agreement.
    • Despite the hard time you give yourselves, existence has always been madly in love with you Capricorns.
    • All young people can benefit from the guidance of a Capricorn, although most will find their lessons on the need for patience frustrating.
    • By the way, I'm a Leo and my husband is a Capricorn, and those Sun sign charts say we'd never make it.
    • Encourage the prudent, overconventional Capricorns to get in touch with their animal origins with goat's milk soap from Senteurs de Provence.
    • You may be pinned down by Saturn, still soaking up your time and money for what you trust is a good cause, but its ongoing link with Jupiter promises the kind of controlled expansion that Capricorns relish.
    • Chaos is something Capricorns prefer to avoid.
    • But that's giving you a big chance to dance to a different drumbeat - to do things a different way for a change, Capricorns.
    • For trivia buffs, Helen's own daughter is a Capricorn, and has been working as the production manager on Lord of the Rings.