Translation of capsule in Spanish:


cápsula, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkapsjuːl//ˈkapsjʊl//ˈkæpˌs(j)ul//ˈkæpsəl/


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    cápsula feminine
    • Many people have an easier time swallowing capsules than they do swallowing ordinary tablets.
    • The number of capsules that you take depends on the strength of the medicine in the capsule and the dose prescribed by your doctor.
    • The capsule can be opened and the beads sprinkled on food for youth who have problems swallowing tablets or capsules.
    • He said he was taking the medicine but the capsules looked different.
    • We haven't seen research comparing fish oil capsules to meals containing fish, so we don't know if they are equivalent.
    • One solution is to teach children to swallow tablets or capsules whole as early as possible.
    • He was a very bright, socially sensitive, and insightful young man whose complaint was that he could not swallow pills or capsules.
    • An inquest in 2000 was told the GP had apparently mixed up near-identical capsules containing vastly different amounts of the drug.
    • We went to our local health food store and bought a bottle containing 30 capsules for $17.99.
    • Simply squeeze the oil from six vitamin E capsules into a small cup, add about 5 teaspoons of black cohosh cream, and stir.
    • The other advantage is that, since the capsule is swallowed whole, the garlic isn't digested until it reaches the stomach.
    • Based on these assumptions, she and other witnesses testified that they believed Tegan had been poisoned with time-released capsules containing caffeine.
    • In China, six million boxes each containing 30 capsules of the drug were sold last year under the brand name ‘Shoubishan’.
    • Fish oil capsules or supplements containing large amounts of para-aminobenzoic acid can elevate blood sugar.
    • If you are taking the sustained-release capsule: swallow the capsule whole.
    • She was accidentally given an overdose of the painkiller diamorphine by a GP, apparently in a mix-up over near-identical capsules containing vastly different amounts of the drug.
    • High and low dose tablets or capsules were indistinguishable in all aspects of their outward appearance.
    • If capsules or beads from the capsules are not swallowed whole, you could overdose on this medicine.
    • For those patients who have trouble swallowing capsules they recommend a compounding pharmacist prepare a syrup suspension.
    • Most tablets and some capsules contain fillers, binders, or excipients (substances that help keep the herb dry during manufacturing).
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    cápsula feminine
    • The fruits are rounded, leathery 1-to 2-inch capsules containing one to three large poisonous seeds.
    • A developmental process termed dehiscence, in which the fruit ruptures in a predetermined fashion, effects the release of seeds from a dry capsule or other fruit form.
    • The leaves of the great poplar he climbed in gleamed as though polished; bead-like fruit dangled, inviting young hands to burst the green capsules open and release the fluffy seed.
    • Small distinguished M. brittonii from the southeastern United States by its larger leaves, flowers, and capsules.
    • That is, these mosses have peristome teeth which are formed by walls growing between the rows of cells making up the mouth of the spore capsule.
    • For example, in mosses the sporophyte is a capsule atop a slender stalk that grows out of the top of the gametophyte.
    • At this stage the capsules contained either dividing sporocytes or just formed tetrads in both species.
    • The akee is to be eaten at the peak of ripeness, just after the capsule splits, an occurrence which is often followed by a race between man and bird to reach the succulent fruit first.
    • In actuality they are waterproof capsules containing a long radical of germinated seed ready for growth when proper conditions are encountered.
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    cápsula espacial feminine


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