Translation of captivate in Spanish:


cautivar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkæptəˌveɪt//ˈkaptɪveɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Her charms would captivate me and make it difficult later to leave her.
    • Our past is something which intrigues, enthrals and captivates us and if for no other reason, history is important because it is interesting to the vast majority of us.
    • It's a moment of truth where we enter a dream-like state and the individual we have fallen in love with, captivates our attention completely.
    • Wise gardeners know how to plant a yard to attract birds, and Polshek has interpreted the new entrance so that it captivates people.
    • One day Franz sees Coppelia appear on Coppelius' balcony, and is captivated by her beauty.
    • This brief and enigmatic story has a remarkable effect on Bandini, hypnotizing and captivating him.
    • Crime is law, and what we're trying to do is captivate the public's interest in something that they find interesting.
    • The volume will captivate anyone with an interest in politics, public policy, and the strange ways of the Fourth Estate.
    • It was at that moment that he was captivated by her smile and that was the moment their eyes met.
    • Sewn exults confidence and creativity, and proves a totally enchanting and captivating piece of work.
    • He wooed dozens of heroines on-screen and captivated millions of fans off it with his urbane charm.
    • If it is the carvings in their pristine charm that captivates the heart of an art lover, certainly it is the power of the deity that pulls the believer.
    • Whatever, there is still a person somewhere there to tease, interest and captivate us.
    • So again what the earth is doing and what captivates human interest are often two very different things.
    • His reconstructed realities captivate participants with a mesmeric hold that lasts far beyond the temporal end of a work.
    • He was possessed of a gentle and attractive personality that captivated children.
    • This is probably what economically captivates Moscow's attention.
    • The result is a fascinating display that truly captivates the viewer.
    • In any case, we are soon captivated by the beauty of the coastal scenery.
    • Nor would they captivate my attention so easily for 45 minutes.