There are 2 main translations of card in Spanish

: card1card2


tarjeta, n.

Pronunciation: /kɑːd//kɑrd/


  • 1

    • Finally I snag one and I'm given a card with some writing and told to stand and wait for the unit at the register.
    • Sometimes, you can press the pile down with a paint guard or a piece of stiff card, but if it seems likely to spring back and stick to the wet gloss, that is not a good look.
    • I am seriously considering printing up some little cards to hand out before the start of those conversations with complete strangers you end up getting sucked into while out and about with a newborn.
    • Thin pieces of card were inserted under its feet to ensure that it stood perfectly level.
    • Later in the evening as we walked into the main room and sat down, a paper card fell onto a candle and caught fire whilst everyone was pre-occupied with the raffle.
    • The first thing to buy is a large sheet of white thick paper or thin card, which you gently bend into a right angled curve.
    • A pack of 10 cards are available from any parent or the teachers.
    • The idea is for children to write times tables, maths problems or any words they get confused with or struggle to spell, on individual paper cards.
    • The whole thing just collapsed like a pack of cards and they had to put music on while TV screens across the country went blank.
    • File cards and rhyming games develop reading skills, and plasticine is recommended for the study of shapes and colors.
    • Every club has its own set of die-hards, always in club shirts, who gather behind one goal with the flags, flares, cards and toilet paper to cheer on their team.
    • Mike lifts up a square card made of thick, cream-colored paper.
    • Print your name - cut out letters from a piece of thick card.
    • As for the prickly pear entrada that so enticed me on the menu card, it did pack quite a punch.
    • The Sun's image can then be seen on small piece of stiff card covered with some white paper.
    • Count to 20 and then remove the pieces of card or paper.
    • For these sort of people, writing down their PINs on small pieces of paper or card appears to be the best solution.
    • You won't get a good idea of the right fragrance unless you put each one on different cards or pieces of paper.
    • As I set up the board and various cards and pieces about the table, I start to explain the rules.
    • The piece included a reply card, which generated one of the largest constituent responses of his political career in Missouri.
    • "You're a card, Mr. Spangler," said Mr. Wilkinson.
    • He's a card, you got that in common.
    • She thinks he's a card, and likes him.
    • Moreover, he noted that working in ghettos where underventilated, crowded conditions prevailed was a special risk factor in workers repairing old mattresses and/or carding used wool.
    • A buff is made from a non-woven fabric where the fibers are first carded and formed into a fairly thick fleece.
    • The best plan is undoubtedly to dye the fibre after it has been carded.
    • Spinning wheels lined the walls and at the central tables others sorted, hackled and carded the wool.
    • One may light with a wick made from it after it has been carded.
    • Skirt the fleece, scour the wool, wash the wool, card it, thread the spool, spin it to thread, slide it off the bobbin, roll it into balls of yarn.
    • She was wearing a sweater she'd been forced to knit from the wool they'd carded from the flocks.
    • It was then carded and arranged neatly in bundles, which the thatcher took with him onto the roof.
    • 1.1(in soccer)

      (for identification, access) tarjeta feminine
      (business card) tarjeta (de visita)
      (credit card) tarjeta (de crédito)
      to show sb the yellow/red card mostrarle la tarjeta amarilla/roja a algn
      • to ask for one's cards renunciar
      • to give sb their cards echar a algn
      • A potter or a carpenter in the remote village may soon be able to avail of bank credit through a plastic card.
      • The only identification found on the body was an ATM card bearing the name Willi Hochmeier.
      • Mrs. Sawaki looked it over and handed Sarah her ID card and another piece of paper.
      • She was told that a plastic device was fitted to the card slot of the AIB ATM machine in Wine Street Car Park in Sligo, which copied the details from her bank card.
      • Cash, cards or cheques are not needed to make purchases, so there is no need to carry them in a purse or wallet.
      • Personal loans and plastic cards are another burden on our finances: this time, a hefty £161 billion.
      • Then present your membership card for identification at the time of rental.
      • Make sure you know what the credit balance on your card is.
      • Upon return of the membership card, students will be refunded $20 of the initial deposit.
      • A common practice among frequent shoppers is to split the bill between credit cards, or cards and cash, so as to disguise the gross amount from their partners.
      • The card will have the name, gender, date of birth, identification type and identification number.
      • She also refuses to use credit or ATM cards, only paying cash.
      • The details on the card can then be cross-referenced against a national database before the holder can see a doctor or use other public services, such as schools or libraries.
      • The bailiffs will carry an identification card and their details can be checked at the council's Parking Shop.
      • Students with identification cards or wearing uniforms will pay $10 per day or $5 per segment.
      • Claiming that he was a recent convert, he displayed a certificate of his Buddhist affiliation and his ID card with the name Jing'an printed on it.
      • Of course, we all wish to find solutions to crime, terrorism and fraud, but an identity card will achieve nothing.
      • The cards, which are blue and feature a picture of Old Main in the background, replace the old white ID cards.
      • I gave the security man my name card showing I worked for a foreign embassy here but he did not give in.
      • This would not stop me using internet banking though, as I feel I'm as much at risk using normal banking, with paper statements, cards being skimmed and so on.
      • It contained cash, cards and other personal items.
      • Your members card will entitle you to a range of special discounted prices, prizes and giveaways.
      • However, if they do obtain a card, the credit limit will be low.
      • There will new membership and VIP cards so existing holders will need to reapply.
      • If you can't control your credit card spending, cut up your card and start paying cash.
      • In addition, Cabal and each member of the family, including the nanny, had an identity card in a false name from the Republic of Uruguay.
      • They set up a checkpoint and forced civilians to line up to go in and out, each carrying an identification card printed in English only.
      • There was also a call for ‘true’ family membership with joint names on the membership card.
      • Victims use cash machines unaware that at the same time the details on their card are being stolen.
      • However, if you use your card for a cash withdrawal you will be charged interest from day one.
      • Last September, following her request for a new card in her married name, Barclaycard reinstated this sum and is charging her interest on it.
      • In my case, I have a card with my name on it, but my wife is the primary account holder.
      • Other areas where he was disappointed by the lack of relief included bin charge increases, rising utility and health charges and the stamp duty on credit and ATM cards.
      • Yet the UEC, as proposed by David Blunkett, is an identity card in all but name.
      • I have a piece on identity cards in Spain over at The White Rose.
      • Most card issuers will charge a fee if you withdraw cash on your card whilst abroad.
      • Again, the ATM spat the card and the cash out together.
      • However, changes to the banking code shared the responsibility for safeguarding both the card and cash more evenly between bank and account holder.
      • The card will hold details of the member's club, as well as handicap and will eventually become compulsory for entry to all competitions.
      • Criminals will soon find a way of printing bogus ID cards.

    • 1.2

      tarjeta (de felicitaciones) feminine
      birthday/sympathy card tarjeta de cumpleaños/de pésame

    • 1.3

      ficha feminine
      before noun card catalog/index fichero
      • card punch perforadora de tarjetas
      • card reader lectora de tarjetas perforadas

    • 1.4(postcard)

      postal feminine
      tarjeta postal feminine

    • 1.5(for collecting)

      cromo masculine
      estampa feminine Mexico
      lámina feminine Andes
      figurita feminine River Plate

    • 1.6Sport

      programa masculine
      • From seven rides on the nine-race card, Walker's best performance was a minor placing in the second race.
      • Beulah Park halted its nine-race card after the fifth race due to slippery track conditions.
      • The Sydney Turf Club had planned a seven-race card at Canterbury Park Racecourse with the Starlight Stakes the feature race.
      • The Meadowlands cancelled the last five races on its nine-race card due to deteriorating track conditions brought on by heavy rains.
      • The cancellation of Turfway's program was the sixth loss of a full card at the track in December.
      • In the second race on the card, A.J. Melini rallied in the stretch to give Castro his first win on the nine-race card.
      • The card was planned as a celebration of Oregon racing, with nearly $100,000 in purses up for grabs.
      • Delaware Park was forced to cancel its racing card following the sixth race on Sunday after a bomb threat was called in to the Stanton, Delaware, track.
      • Live racing is scheduled to resume Sunday for the final card of the 2002 Delaware Park meeting, should weather permit.
      • The 42-year-old Bone won half the races on an eight-race card with the help of three jockeys and two trainers.
      • Hastings Park Racecourse has dropped five Wednesday cards from its calendar.
      • Although the race, the last on the card, was a fairly ordinary event, it had great significance for Oliver, who was warmly greeted by racegoers.
      • The remaining nine races on the card were expected to go off as scheduled.
      • The purse cut kicked in Thursday; the eight Thoroughbred races on the card are worth $35,220.
      • Bag Woman won the first race on the card, a claiming event in which she carried a $13,500 tag, to sew up the record.
      • Two races on the card are scheduled to be part of a Peruvian All-Star Competition.
      • Finger Lakes racetrack canceled its card on Monday after three races due to wet track conditions.
      • Run over 12 furlongs it is the longest race on the card and is worth 1 million.
      • Nine races were scheduled to be run on a card that was held three days after apprentice jockey Emanuel Jose Sanchez died.
      • High water conditions brought on by heavy rains forced Delaware Park officials to cancel a scheduled nine-race card on Monday.

  • 2

    (thin cardboard)
    cartulina feminine
  • 3

    • 3.1(playing card)

      carta feminine
      naipe masculine
      baraja feminine Central America Venezuela River Plate Mexico Colombia
      a deck / pack of cards un mazo
      • to play a high/low card jugar una carta alta/baja
      • to be in / on the cards
      • it was in / on the cards that something like this would happen se veía venir / era seguro que iba a pasar algo así
      • to lay / put one's cards on the table poner las cartas boca arriba / sobre la mesa
      • to play one's cards right jugar bien sus (/ mis etc. ) cartas
      • This is the same game as Three Card Brag, except that four cards are dealt to each player.
      • A meld can be started with three or more cards and built up to a canasta by adding cards on later turns.
      • In America it is known as old sledge or seven up and usually played by two players with the full pack of 52 cards, with the ace being the highest and the two the lowest.
      • From a deck of cards, pick out the ace through six of one suit.
      • He learned how to guess the quantity in his hand by their weight alone; how to memorise where in the pack certain cards were hidden and how to produce them on demand.
      • We'd deal a hand each, put the rest of the deck between us, turn the top card on the deck face up, and begin.
      • Games are another excellent pastime, a deck of cards or a board game might be some fun.
      • We oohed when he chose the right card from the pack.
      • To be totally fair, I'm going to shuffle a pack of cards.
      • When he went looking through the offered board games he found not only a deck of cards but also a cribbage board.
      • It is a pre-piecepack attempt to do for board games what the standard deck of cards does for card games.
      • The chosen dealer deals three cards to each player, starting with the person on his left.
      • In case of each player winning the same number of pairs, all the cards in all five pairs go out of the game.
      • To begin with, the dealer deals out four cards to each player which may be looked at.
      • I had learned from many of these trips to bring homework, books, a deck of cards, to amuse myself, sometimes for three days.
      • He walked up to the first table and produced a pack of cards.
      • Rain breaks, stoppages or spare time invariably involved a pack of cards and a cry of: ‘Anyone for bridge?’
      • He mentioned that he tried to buy a deck of cards at the mall and he couldn't find anything for less than $2.
      • He often sat there with his old deck of cards playing solitaire, remembering other bars and card games.
      • At the start of the game there are no cards in the pile and its value is zero.

    • 3.2

      to play cards jugar cartas
      • to win/lose at cards ganar/perder a las cartas
      • lucky at cards, unlucky in love afortunado en el juego, desafortunado en amores / en el amor

  • 4informal, dated

    (funny person)
    he's a card es un plato
  • 5

    tarjeta de expansión feminine

There are 2 main translations of card in Spanish

: card1card2


cardar, v.

Pronunciation: /kɑːd//kɑrd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fibres) cardar


  • 1

    (for disentangling fibres)
    carda feminine